red red wine

Conversation overheard on the southbound District Line tube on a Sunday afternoon before a Chelsea match from four, young, female, American (of course), presumably study abroad students:

Girl1: Oh I can’t even drink the stuff. Ugh.

Girl2: I know. I only drink it when I am with Tyler’s parents.

Girl3: You have to go from like white to blush to red or you won’t be able to drink it.

Girl4: Why does it turn teeth blue? I hate that.

Girl3: Yeah but it’s, like, you know, good in the winter because it’s room temperature.

Girl1: I don’t drink it.

Girl4: Me neither.

Girl2: So Tyler and I decided only to talk three days a week. So I emailed him, yay, now Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays will feel like Christmas morning!

Painful silence.

Girl1: This is our stop.

Post-convo analysis by Bryan and myself:

Thank god we are older than 20. Because I can’t imagine my life without red wine. Or dark chocolate. Or all the other things that seem so un-ingestible a decade earlier.

We felt like we witnessed the death knell of Girl2 and Tyler’s relationship. I wonder whose idea it was to only talk three days a week while she was abroad.

Tyler: Hey, uh, wouldn’t it be fun if we switched to only two days now?



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7 responses to “red red wine

  1. Elizabeth Isabella

    They really should have mentioned the vampire lips that red wine often imparts. Course, that still doesn’t stop me …

  2. Jerms

    By the next time I visit London, it looks like there’s a good chance that girl #2 will be single… maybe you can take that same train again, bump into her, and get her number for me….

  3. B. D. P. P. Butch

    You misinterpreted the conversation: Girl2 was going rogue.

  4. Big Pipes

    Amy and I only talk when drinking red wine. We find that stained teeth makes for more interesting conversation. Otherwise we communicate through baseball signs.

  5. toshalot

    When we were in our twenties we didn’t think this way about red wine bc we were under the spell of UB40’s “Red Red Wine” since jr. high. We understood early on we’d come to lean on it eventually.

    Re: Girl #2- duh! Everyone cheats while their partner is on study abroad … duh.

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