k. farms

One of the cooler things Bryan and I have been able to experience was dinner at K Farms (a shortened version of the name to escape google), courtesy of Josh & Kaci, to bring their two families together post-wedding.

The farm is a small dairy farm on Vashon Island, a short ferry ride away from West Seattle, but you feel light years away as soon as you exit your car. Kurt T, as legend would have it, left the restaurant business to work a small farm and live off his land. He shares his talents every Sunday evening with a fixed-price meal for 20 people max in the coziest of country dining rooms. His guests sit mere feet from the chefs whipping up the day’s bounty and it includes wine, something like nine courses, dessert and coffee. Kurt will tell you at the beginning of the meal that there are only a handful of things on your plate that were not sourced from the land you sit upon: wine (but he is growing grapes and in the process of changing that), salt (for obvious reasons), coffee beans, sugar and one or two more things. He doesn’t cook with oil but rather animal fats procured from, yep, animals on his farm. You won’t see nuts or seafood on the menu. When you walk through the door, the chefs are whetting your appetite with pizzas from an outdoor brick oven. The menu is imagined that day as Kurt and his assistants walk around the farm and decide what is fresh, good and overabundant. A bit of description here, seven paragraphs down.

It is a sight to be seen to watch masters prepare food just procured (picked/slaughtered/churned) into each course before your eyes. Even the green coffee beans roast in a frying pan until suitable for grinding and pressing. It is not hard to believe the popularity of Kurt’s massive listserv has meant that his first-come first-serve email reply policy proved too controversial and now you can only get a seat… wait for it… after writing an essay! He specially let Josh & Kaci reserve the place just for us- a testament to him and them.

We arrived early to explore the surroundings. I am a believer.

IMG_0473 IMG_0506 IMG_0520 IMG_0521 IMG_0531 IMG_0504 IMG_0475 IMG_0487 IMG_0537 IMG_0543 IMG_0510 IMG_0540 IMG_0544

Board a plane and head there straightaway. And keep your eye out for Kurt’s book. Maybe stalk him on Facebook too…

Oh yeah, our menu from the farm:

pizzas – with tomato and pancetta or green salsa and soft-boiled egg

turnip soup with light cream


homemade bread and butter

IMG_0555 IMG_0557

farm-made camembert




some kind of assortment including lardo and pickled cucumbers and shredded kohlrabi and asian pear with a light dressing

braised pork belly cooked in fresh milk



tomatoes dressed with clarified butter and chopped basil


par boiled carrots with light glaze of honey and fennel and chives


homemade tagliatelle with a cheese sauce and herbs


osso bucco


intermezzos – chilled melon soup is the one i remember




dessert – strawberry shortbread




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11 responses to “k. farms

  1. sonjey

    Will I ever get to go?????? Hopefully Josh and Kaci will remember me!

  2. Auntie M

    YUM. What a treat.

  3. Kasper

    That looks amazing!! I have to say the food in Seattle was really top notch, and I love that they take real pride in locally sourced produce. And not just at farms, but in a lot of the restaurants, etc, there seems to be a real focus on locally sourced, which is great.
    And you’re right re: Seattle – you stay there for 5 minutes and you want to move there. J is hesitant because of the rain/lack of sunshine rumors, but I’m all for it! Then again I was born in a country with total lack of sunshine and damp/cold winters, so maybe that explains it.

  4. Big Bro

    That was a great evening, thanks for posting this Yael! Now I can always go back and remember.

  5. toshalot

    Wow! How were you able to consume all of those courses? Looks delish!

  6. Ed

    no picture of the pork belly? that’s the best part

  7. mdouris25

    I’m going to start writing our essay immediately! It looks quite like Blue Hill Farms here in NYC (well in Westchester) but less pretentious! Your food photos are fabulous, as always.

  8. Kasper

    Gah – I wish there was a “food farm” here in Miami.

    We have chickens running around downtown – I guess we could kill those, and call it “locally sourced”…

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