oh the places you’ll go!

This morning Jonah and I leave on an aeroplane for the States. I guess it will become an airplane once we’re in American airspace.

His passport is hilarious and awesome. And it is exciting he will touch down in the country that claims him as its own.

From there, it is three weeks in no less than Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Seattle. It’s hard to say how much this blog will suffer. I guess it depends how much fun we’re having. And how nice you all are.

Godspeed. (Um, I guess to us too.)



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4 responses to “oh the places you’ll go!

  1. You better be stopping by here. We can go over your list. See you first thing!

  2. treeennner

    can’t wait to hear how the flight went. i had my fingers crossed that it was easy!

  3. Congratulations! I’ve been so busy with our twins that I have been very behind on blogs. I didn’t get to see your great news and pics of your gorgeous new family until today. You guys look fab! Enjoy your stateside trip!

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