last night wilco saved my life

Or something like that.

It was our first time leaving Jonah with non-related babysitters and it worked out beautifully. Our friends Ricky and Jemma came over and we already knew from experience they would love on Jonah.

IMG_7277 IMG_7696

At one point Ricky texted us: “your son has his hand down my girlfriend’s shirt” and we knew all was right in the world.

Which left us to rush to the concert at The Troxy in East London. The Troxy. Cool venue name. Not lame like Roxy, but Troxy. Me likes.

I also like:

  • McDonald’s. You systematically rape the rain forests but for people in a rush, a three chicken Selects meal on the tube could be worse.
  • Three Beck’s beers: It has been a year since I drank 3 beers in a row. I actually can’t believe how delicious it was.
  • Jeff Tweedy: It was your birthday and you did a great show and you were nice and fun to the crowd. You made me laugh when you said you were turning 29. It’s the kind of joke that is always funny.
  • My son: who got two shots/jabs earlier in the day and we probably picked the wrong night to go out but you were a champ and only felt your babysitter up once.
  • Texting: wish I knew who invented. Peace of mind for parents.
  • My spouse: It reminded me of all the concerts we have been to together and how happy live music makes you and I like to be there to see it.
  • Wilco: What does it say about your audience that you sell baby onesies at the merch table? Or me that I just said merch?


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2 responses to “last night wilco saved my life

  1. toshalot

    You are like the coolest mom ever, Yael. Happy to hear that you and Bryan went out on a date and trusted your friends to watch Jonah. I would imagine though that after 3 beers Bryan had to carry you over his shoulder to get you home. You didn’t blog about that part of the evening …

  2. mdouris25

    I love that while you were at Wilco – I was at the Britney Spears concert. You know, because they’re so similar. (Although probably both listened to in equal amounts on my ipod.)

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