a little all over the place

Oh yeah, this blog. Well my day started off all wrong. It was my first foray into grocery delivery in this country and at 8am the buzzer rang and I was informed the eggs broke. So of course, my natural reaction was to temporarily despise all English people. HAVE YOU HEARD OF FOAM? I am just saying… I got groceries delivered 600 times in Brooklyn and the eggs were always intact. Yes, 600. I counted. I am agitated about the eggs because I decided to make cupcakes for Bryan’s belated birthday/Wet the Head tomorrow. But anyway.

Sooo… we scrapped the baking and visited Bryan at his office. Fingers crossed Jonah did not acquire swine flu there. Fingers… fingers… here’s what’s weird. I was just changing Jonah for the fourth time today (sigh) and he was mildly apoplectic and would not jut his arms completely out of the long-sleeve shirt. For a moment we both were at an impasse and with his arms and hands bound up in the confines of a little shirt he appeared to me as one of those lobster people. I had not thought of them in over a decade since I first read an article about them. But to brighten your Friday, here ya go.

Okay, a plug now. Listen up because I take my plugging seriously. Jeremy is running the New York Marathon to raise money for juvenile diabetes. {Side note: Out of laziness a lot of us just say “raising money for cancer/AIDS/diabetes”. It’s funny if you think about it from a grammatical sense. Not that AIDS is funny.} Now many people embark on these charitable endeavors and Bryan and I find ourselves donating on behalf of quite a few friends each year. BUT today seems like a good day to encourage you to donate for Jeremy too. Here. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the blue sky. It has me all in a tizzy. Maybe you’re thinking:

(A) I already did.

(B) No, because I hate Jeremy.

(C) No, because I don’t know Jeremy.

And I say:

(A) Good on you.

(B) Impossible.

(C) But that’s the fun part. Like back in the day when someone would pay the toll booth operator extra for the strangers driving behind them. A time before EZ Pass.

And because I love you, I am sharing this hilariousness that’s been going around. Thanks Betsy!

P.S. Josh offered to buy Jonah a travel swing so I just Googled “travel swing”… it turns out there are very nice vacation packages for couples that swing. I just think Jonah might be a bit young.



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4 responses to “a little all over the place

  1. Jeremy

    Thanks for the plug, Yael!! Truth be told, years ago, Yael encouraged me to run races and, ultimately, convinced me that I’d be able to successfully fund raise for Juvenile Diabetes. If I can’t, I blame Yael for bad advice.

    If you donate, I’ll send you a handwritten thank you note on nice paper. I’ll do this even if I don’t know you and you live in England. Just leave your mailing address in the message box on the donation page.

  2. NeNe

    I can attest to that. Jeremy gets major points. So few people do that anymore. We love you, Jeremy.

  3. Auntie M

    Gosh, how I have missed the lobster family! Jeremy, I might be more likely to donate if you decide to run to raise money for their terribly fascinating condition.

  4. toshalot

    I’ve never ever seen or heard anything about the lobster family until now. Interesting.

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