I really thought the longer I allowed my Karate Kid post to fester on your computer screens, the more of you might comment. But no.

So today is a new day. A beautiful day in London. I don’t know what is going on with this weather except that the supreme being of the universe is pleased with England’s capital these days and wants to reward us for good behavior.

Speaking of weather (good segue, Yael!), Seattle had a record-breaking spate of no rain this summer, with some days getting beyond 100 degrees F. So don’t think you know Seattle, suckas. My brother Josh, who lives there, keeps me entertained with the goings-on of his grounds, whether it’s the fruits of his trees and gardens or the activities of wily menaces, such as raccoons (Pause: saying “such as” makes me think of that Miss South Carolina beauty pageant contestant… “such as The Iraq”). Here is the latest, and look, you saw it here first. This should be the real squirrel video going viral.

Now back to London. GOOD SEGUE.

This past Saturday Bryan and I took friends out to eat at The Palm, newly opened in Fitzrovia. Halfway through the meal I was standing up, rocking Jonah, when all of the sudden a man at the table next to us turned to me and very excitedly said, “I couldn’t help but overhear you and we are American too!” Now, he was so sweet or I would have punched him for his assininity. You can’t exclaim utter surprising disbelief at running into another American in a city with 5 gazillion Americans and all the while eating at an AMERICAN restaurant. He obviously doesn’t live in my neighborhood where you are more likely to fall off your seat if you heard a British accent. But he was so nice and seemed genuinely delighted that he ran into another of his and his partner’s species.

It did get me thinking, though. I don’t actually know how many Americans live in London. So I decided to do a little research. I like to call it “googling”. Don’t wear it out, kay? All I could find is that there are approximately 200,000 Americans living in the UK. But that didn’t help with my quest to crack the London numbers. Blimey.



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9 responses to “squirrely

  1. poren

    I though I was the only one! That Miss Carolina made “such as” my favorite phrase and I always giggle a bit when using it. I just tried to explain why I was so amused to a group of friends last week and I think I just got a bunch of blank stares in return.

  2. I used to run into Americans all the time, and still somehow seemed surprised when I would hear them in Wimbledon, where we were. There weren’t too many there!

  3. Big Bro

    I need to work on my weird laugh and dialog for future viral videos. Also, I’ll bet if I get someone to work with our little brother’s Elimidate footage we could get it to go lightly viral, as it has 5ooo+ hits and it has no audio and is pretty bad quality.

  4. NeNe

    Is Micah’s Elimidate footage on uTube? I wasn’t allowed to see it.

  5. NeNe

    Whoops, I just saw that link. I’m such a proud mom.

  6. I always thought that shower was a great costume, so I boycotted the last post. Of course, he was trying to bring attention to himself! If he was trying to hide, he would not have turned the hose on Johnny. NO MERCY!!

  7. toshalot

    maybe you should try bing.com for your statistics if google doesn’t satisfy. i don’t know that its really any better. i just shamelessly love their commercials. especially this one-

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