sweep the leg

Ok, Saturday night we had some friends over for “game night” (never played a game though but we are branching out… one couple is CANADIAN. If you count Toronto as part of Canada).

I don’t remember how but a discussion ensued where I admitted that The Karate Kid movie creeps me out a bit because Daniel-san shows up at his school’s Halloween dance dressed as a shower, curtain and all. I just felt that not only was it not plausible, but the costume itself made me nervous. Bryan was adamant that the costume made sense because Daniel was trying to “hide” from Johnny and his gang of Cobra Kai skeletons (by the way, the skeletons did not scare me nearly as much as the shower) and what better way to do it than hide behind a curtain.

Really? No. First of all, if you are trying to go incognito on Halloween, wouldn’t you just wear some generic monster mask and blend right in? But a HUMONGOUS, RED, POLKA-DOTTED SHOWER CURTAIN? If I was at that dance, and on the other side of the room, I would have been all, WHO IS BEHIND THAT CRAZY HUGE COSTUME? WHO? I NEED TO KNOW IMMEDIATELY. And I would have done this even from the other side of the room. You know what I’m saying? You are from the WRONG side of the tracks and what, you’re just going to sit down and create this elaborately huge and uncool costume in bright patterns so that nobody notices you? It’s crap.




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5 responses to “sweep the leg

  1. Adrian Adonis

    I will crane kick in the face, anyone that dares to challenge the genius of the shower costume. How dare you question Mr. Miyagi’s creative genius.

  2. Jeremy

    It’s difficult to disagree with Yael, she makes a good point. Shower costume is conspicuous.

    Please take the orthotics out of your shoes before you crane kick my face….

    Am I the 10,000th commentor? Or perhaps the 2,000th commentor in my age/gender demographic? Do I get a prize?

    • yael

      Jeremy, I ran some statistical analysis, and you are the 20th commenter in the Hairy Jew category. Congrats!!!

      Your prize is you get to cook my mom some Yorkshire pudding.

  3. NeNe

    Don’t hold your breath, Jeremy. I still haven’t seen mine.

  4. Phillyword

    That’s funny that screen shot is from the Karate Kid. When I initially glanced at it I thought it was from someone’s Bar Mitzvah.

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