f’burg grandparents in london recap

Today is the last full day of Pop Pop’s and Grandma MiMi’s visit to London. We’ve been very spoiled by them with some delicious meals and Jonah has been especially spoiled with new clothes and lots and lots of cuddles. They got a glimpse of our busy city life here. Jonah and his mom (third person alert) are people on the go. Mostly, they confirmed what they suspected. They are in love. And they are wonderful grandparents. Already.

IMG_8045 IMG_7724

We went to the Great British Beer Festival at Earl’s Court. God bless the British if there wasn’t a “Family Room” above the venue so that the people of this great nation did not have to let having children get in the way of some drinking. I was all for it, of course. We left the grandparents to mind the poppet and off we went.

IMG_7685 IMG_7689 IMG_7696 IMG_7697

We also spent a day in Kew Gardens and had magnificent weather. As Bryan and I say over and over like annoying transplanted broken record Americans: “When the weather is nice, there is no greater city on earth than London.”

IMG_8050 IMG_8052 IMG_8058 IMG_8063 IMG_8066 IMG_8084 IMG_8092 IMG_8096 IMG_8100 IMG_8076

That evening we scored water-side seats to eat at the White Cross pub in Richmond right on the Thames. It’s family-friendly, as pubs are, and the stroller was at home as the two Golden Retrievers at the table next to us. Wait, that’s a funny image. Two dogs in seats drinking Pimm’s.

IMG_8111 IMG_8114

We spent some nice times in Regent’s Park where I lost, as usual, in Scrabble. My dad is one of those people who gets 50 extra points on his opening turn because he uses all seven tiles in one word. WHO does that.

IMG_7706 IMG_7712

For Bryan’s birthday we had an indulgent Japanese meal and his love of sake may soon vie for attention with his Scotch devotion. And of course Jonah wore his sushi bib.

IMG_7735 IMG_7750




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4 responses to “f’burg grandparents in london recap

  1. NeNe

    What a perfect visit! Jonah’s world is filled with people who adore him.

  2. toshalot

    Squish, squish! Jonah is just too cute in all of his hip outfits!

  3. Teresa C

    so, your dad lives in f’burg? F’burg is the new Arlington. Okay, no, not at all.
    I would like to squeeze Jonah. He looks incredibly delightful.

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