I like to think of this age as one-third of one’s life. When I tell Bryan that he’s like, why would I want to live to 99? And I am like, why not. I don’t mind if someone changes my diaper then. They might mind but I won’t. You know.

Happy Birthday Baby. (First baby, not second one.)




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5 responses to “33

  1. Ed

    33 is Patrick Ewing’s number. Can’t tell if that makes this a good age or a bad age for Bryan. Anyway, happy birthday buddy.

  2. sonjey

    Happy Birthday to my first baby! You were born, 9 lbs, 8 oz. and oh so handsome!…You were and still are my pride and joy! Yael and Jonah are so blessed to have you in their life. I love you…. mom

  3. toshalot

    #1- yael, i didn’t realize you were married to a younger man. go, girl!
    #2- not even one of the golden girls has lived to 99.
    #3-i love the jesus fact. i’m going to mention that as much as possible in casual conversation until i turn 34 next year. thanks!

  4. mira

    Yael are you corresponding with Ed from the Bachelorette who scorned Jillian?

    For shame.

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