my heart may explode




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8 responses to “my heart may explode

  1. Virginia

    Of course it might…Look at that smile!!!!! You’re entering into the stage where his personality will really begin to come out…enjoy-:)

  2. Janet Gentile

    Oh Yael…that is the greatest moment EVER! Recognition! The first smiles are so pure. Wait 2 more months when the “talking” begins. Just when you think he can’t get any more adorable he will. We are so excited to meet the man!

  3. He’s awesome. And he looks like both of you.

  4. treeennner

    i m gonna blow that picture up in stellas room.

    what a sweetie pie!

  5. sonjey

    love it, can’t wait to squeeze it, kiss him all over and bite his toes. This is early for such a big smile. But we already knew he would be brilliant!

  6. Theresa

    Take it from the mother of a 22-year old (who made me a grandmother earlier this year,) this is the first of many such explosions! Engjoy every one!

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