more grandparents visiting


In the Meeting Jonah World Tour ’09, the latest act on the main stage is my dad and stepmom. We were very excited for them to come, but I was also a little nervous. You see, my father’s grandparent name has been up in the air. But not for him. He declared soon after he learned I was pregnant that he would be known as “Butch” to all current and future grandkids. I tried to persuade him of the beauty and benefits of a “Pop pop” or “Pop” or even “Grandpa”. But he said, “I always wanted to be called Butch”. And if you’ve met my father, you know that he has an opinion or two- and sticks to it.

When they arrived my dad had changed it to “Big Daddy Butch”. And can you believe, I actually felt this was an improvement. But here’s a little secret… after 24 hours with the new soul-enlightening love of their lives, I caught my dad in a tender moment with his grandson, where he referred to himself in the third person as “Pop pop.” VICTORY!

(Speaking of the third person… can I get a witness but… it’s one of those strange things that you swear will never happen to you when you become a parent and then it totally does: referring to one’s self constantly in the third person. “Mommy loves you so much, Jonah.” “Mommy didn’t mean to clip your leg into the stroller belt and draw blood.” “Mommy loves you but would love you a tiny bit more if you went to sleep.”)

So they arrived Tuesday night and brought Jonah a wonderful gift. My stepmom, Michele, Mimi to Jonah, hand-made a reversible floor mat/ playmat/ wallhanging with the logos of Bryan’s two beloved (crappy) teams.

IMG_8026 IMG_8027


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  1. sonjey

    you can make me a floor mat anytime!!!!!

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