the world needs to know

about the dual washer dryer.


We’ve had one for five years- first laying eyes on one in our last Brooklyn apartment and then in London. Every single person who comes to visit asks me about it. Which means that they are not very common. So what are the odds we would have two consecutively? One in bullshit. If you must know.

Yep, I hate the things. I don’t want to complain because in NYC it was a luxury to be able to do laundry at home. And in London many people have these contraptions.

I wish I could explain the space-age technology that allows one machine to both wash and dry. From my layman’s perspective, I only know that these machines take over four hours to do one small load of laundry, and dry with an intermittent wet heat that creates whatever the opposite of wrinkle-free is. Right, wrinkles.

Wrinkles like you’ve never seen. Permanent everlasting iron-proof life-altering mind-bending and gravity-defying wrinkles. Which means I hang dry everything. Which means our flat is always covered in wet clothes. Which means why bother having the dual washer dryer in the first place. See for yourself. I bring you “Pillowcase Edge in Perma-Accordion Wrinkle No. 17”. (Now displayed at the Museum of Modern Art.)



The world also needs to know that…drumroll…the 2,000th comment was posted on this blog over the weekend by none other than MY MOTHER. It’s not rigged folks, I swear. Mom, your prize is some yorkshire pudding, made by yours truly.



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15 responses to “the world needs to know

  1. Barista

    I had one of these in my midtown apartment. When I first saw it I thought it was amazing. After I used it once I wanted to take a baseball bat to the damn thing.

  2. Mira

    What a crazy contraption! My brother used to have a combination OVEN/DISHWASHER!!!! No joke. Two in one. The dishwasher was built right into the stove. Your thingy is equally bizarre. You must be doing so much laundry w/ Jonah!
    When we bought our house I think the thing I was happiest about was a washer and dryer. So I hear you w/ your wrinkled pillowcases 😦

  3. Is that oven/dishwasher thing true? How can that be?

    Mind you, when I went to buy a refrigerator, I saw one with a television screen built into the door. Perhaps this combo fashion is the latest thing in electric appliances.

  4. Mira

    I swear it was true! He had a small kitchen in a condo, and I guess that’s how the dishwasher dilemma was dealt with. Apparently all of the units in the condo had the same thing. My brother renovated the kitchen recently and I’m pretty sure the first thing to go was that bizarro item. It was such a weird thing! Too bad I don’t have a picture of it.

  5. Theresa

    The flat we moved into here in England had the combi washer/dryer and it’s just as bad as you say. We now have a separate unit for each, but I know of one other American who had her machines shipped over from the US.

    Also, the combi over/dishwasher thing is true…check it out…

  6. Nilda

    I, being the domestic diva that I am, would know all about this thing (though I never had one) and I know exactly what you’re talking about – that “invention” is a piece of shit. You just need to read reviews online to see that it’s a waste of money. I just thought it was hilarious that you blogged about it!

  7. NeNe

    When I was in elementary school, the school had an Easter Bonnet Contest. My mom, being the good Jew that she was, volunteered to be one of the judges. I won first place. Allegations of nepotism and corruption spread throughout the school faster than the time it takes to be disconnected from a help line. I have never gotten over the trauma. So please, good folks, believe that I won this great honor (2000th commenter) honestly. Thanks.

  8. NeNe

    I needed two comments for this posting. During the time that I was there to help with mom and Jonah, I spent most of my time putting small handfuls of clothes into or out of the washer/dryer, small handfuls being the max the drum would allow. The rest of the time I spent draping wet clothes all over the flat. I was so consumed with washing, drying, and draping that I would wake up during the night to wash, dry, or drape. Many of the clothes still came out of the “dry” cycle being both hot and wet.

  9. mdouris25

    I’ve always said I would give up the rights to my first born child for a proper washer and dryer – as I currently lug 30 lbs of “regular” laundry to the wash and fold for them to do and then 10lbs of “delicates” for me to wash and then drape to dry all over my apt. Someone recently proposed the purchase of one of these contraptions. I told them after seeing it in use at a friend’s apt in London – I’d rather lug 30lbs of laundry a block to the laundromat without thinking twice!

  10. Kasper

    Oh man – we just moved into a new place, and it’s got full sized washer AND dryer. And they’re full sized – none of these little dinky ones we had prior. Not only that, but there’s like an actual laundry area – so we can hang clothes there, and not scattered all over the apt.
    I never ever ever want to go back. It’s one of the nicer aspects things of the new apt. Sad, but very true.

  11. misschicago

    I moved to Manchester from Chicago after getting married a couple of months ago (I cross the pond often for work in the US though). I too have one of those 2-in-1 “wonders” as well, and felt so frustrated at first about it. After reading your blog, at least I see a bit of humor in it — although I know it really isn’t all that funny when we have to face it. I put clothes on our window sills to dry. And when the sun is out, i think to myself… “hmm…. thats a waste of sun, let me go throw some clothes into the washer/dryer…” 🙂 Love your blog.

  12. Sonya

    Oh s*@t, I’ve been day dreaming about this thing for three years now and we’re so close to being able to buy one. *sigh*. Guess I’ll keep dragging my never ending loads down to our rat infested basement forever.

  13. Peter Bond

    The washer/dryer combo is fantastic if (and only if) you have a good quality, i.e. expensive one. Otherwise forget it.

  14. sonjey

    I just remember it running all day, all evening long. I think it might have been white noise for Jonah. I can truly vouch for the wrinkles!!! Maybe one of those hand steamers for the holiday list!

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