kate & warren conquer london


You should ask me sometime to tell you one of my favorite love stories (hint: it stars Kate & Warren).

IMG_7844In the meantime, our v. good friends (I went to college with them) came to London for a long weekend visit, and even nicely overlapped with Bryan’s mom. Because they have a 1-year old, they didn’t even mind the baby shrieks now so prevalent in our flat. In fact, they were both aces with Jonah. We are happy they a had a little adult getaway while Andie played with her Amma back in Atlanta. I am hoping London, despite its rain and chill in July (grr), produced enough pub pints and ensuing good feeling for K & W to get cracking on Baby #2.

IMG_8295 IMG_8370 IMG_8313 IMG_8344 IMG_8346 IMG_8350 IMG_7505 IMG_7760 IMG_7763 IMG_7766 IMG_7522 IMG_7526 IMG_7530 IMG_7672 IMG_8373 IMG_7811 IMG_8398 IMG_8400 IMG_7795 IMG_7857 IMG_7827 IMG_7832 IMG_7865 IMG_7869

P.S. In current happy baby news… Summer and Sean gave birth to Luisa Betty yesterday!!! She is a beauty, like her mom. (Sean, you’re not so bad.) Also, Laura posted her birth story about Opal June and it’s beautiful. I really should write one. Luisa and Opal, watch out for ladies-man Jonah. xxoo

CIMG1157 -1



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5 responses to “kate & warren conquer london

  1. Bonnie, a Richmond Girl

    So glad K&W made it, and yall look like yall had so much fun!!

  2. kate

    we had the BEST trip! great city, fun pubs, beautiful sites, amazing friends.

  3. Beverly

    Looks like it was cooler in several ways than here. Glad everyone had a glorious time!

  4. Virginia

    Yeah! Wish I was there! But most importantly you all look like you’re having/had a great time. KP how you feeling???? Yaelie…Why are some of the picts not functioning for me…is it me or you?

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