jonah’s nanny


Sandra/Sandy/Sonjey/Mom/Nanny left today and we finished on a perfectly London note of blue skies and sunshine punctuated by vicious downpours. Island weather! (without the Daiquiris)

We were very anxious for Jonah’s Nanny to finally meet him in person. Because Bryan’s sister already has two little boys, I already knew the kind of grandmother my mother-in-law is. And she lived up to it with her third. She is very confident in her magic touch with babies and for good reason. She is filled with overflowing joy around him and does not rattle easily. Except when he got shots (jabs) at the pediatrician (paediatrician) and then she cried. And I didn’t. (Add that to my Bad Mummy file.) She is as excited to change a diaper (nappy) as she is to hold him. And she believes strongly in wearing hats and socks when going outside. I always did what I was told and we had a wonderful two weeks lunching at outdoor cafes, shopping and looking for Jonah’s first smile. We love her and miss her already.

IMG_7333 IMG_7338 IMG_7353 IMG_7418 IMG_1401 IMG_7479 IMG_1404 IMG_1429



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2 responses to “jonah’s nanny

  1. sonjey

    I loved my 12/10 full day visit with three very special people. I miss you all so much. I had the most fun hopping all over “Posh Marleybone”, baby in tow. He even made it to the British Museum. Bus rides, taxis, his first tube ride, I tell everyone what confident, relaxed parents you are and what a beautiful, intelligent son they produced. That’s my grandson!!!

  2. NeNe

    Hurray Nanny Sonjey!!! This is one lucky boy. Love the photo of him looking at you from his bath tub. Is that a photo of you taking him to meet the Queen. How did they get along?

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