talking about the weather

This was pretty much our day:

Short sleeve shirt is fine

Put the sweater on

Take the sweater off



Open the umbrella

Close the umbrella

Stow the umbrella

Grab the umbrella and open it again

Put the rain guard on the stroller

Take the sweater off

Put the rain guard away

Put the sweater on

Take the umbrella out

Switch the sweater with the umbrella

Put on sunglasses

Take sunglasses off and put sweater on

Wipe sweat off and find sunglasses and put sweater away and peel back rain guard and fold up umbrella

Immediately reverse the above

Put sunglasses away and sip hot chocolate


Take sweater off



Flick England off



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9 responses to “talking about the weather

  1. NeNe

    Submit it to the New Yorker as a poem.

  2. listgirl

    thanks for starting my Friday off with a smile.

  3. treeennner

    wow! and i thought chicago was weird with the weater … you crack me up!!!

  4. Kasper

    That’s actually pretty damn funny.

    Come to Miami – where you sweat this time of year, no matter WHAT you’re wearing. It’s great to go to court in a full monkey suit in this heat/humidity.

  5. mdouris25

    Sadly that poem just about sums up NYC at the moment – without any of London’s charm.

  6. erica

    megan’s right…that’s nyc these days too. where is our summer!

    i love how you used “stow”. such an english verb

  7. mira

    yael that sounds ridiculously complex and with a newborn to boot! how did jonah fare? i agree, submit the poem to the new york times. it’s a great poem.

    in contrast here is my day yesterday re: the weather:

    take shower in the morning before work

    go outside to go to work

    start sweating immediately and profusely in the intense and heavy humidity

    wonder why i bother to take showers in the virginia summertime

  8. I am so relieved to see it was not just me being confused by the weather and what to wear this week. But I also agree this is better than most modern poetry!

  9. sonjey

    let’s not forget the 120 degrees if felt like in TopShop

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