Oh yeah, I forgot a few things the other day.

First, a few of you seemed curious that Jonah couldn’t get UK citizenship by being born here. My sentiments exactly. I tried to make sense of the official policy on-line and at some point it became pretty clear that because his American parents are on restricted visas (end date, no recourse to public funds etc), he would only be American. Alas.

More importantly…

Monday as I was getting us lost on the way to Abbey Road, we happened upon a group of people, photographers and security all waiting by a bus. Our celebrity antennae immediately went up and we wondered aloud what celebrity we were going to see. Exciting! Then someone said it was the Australian cricket team and we were like, Really? SNOOZE CITY.

Wow, wrong reaction. Some drunk old English people starting physically accosting Sandy. “Don’tcha know, it’s like your Superbowl?” they said derisively poking her. One woman was trembling and said she had waited 75 years to see England beat Australia in the Ashes series. She was frail and to tell you the truth, I am sorry for her victory as she may simply keel over tomorrow- having nothing left to live for. I have been meaning to go to Lord’s so now I can say I saw the back entrance. I did read Netherland. Does that count?

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  1. Elizabeth

    Oh you didn’t! Australia has beaten England on its home turf of Lord’s in the Ashes series every time for the last 75 years.

    I was trying to think of an American equivalent, but there isn’t one because the US generally doesn’t play sports against any other countries. Not even the World Series involves anything other than American teams.

  2. People always say that about America, which then implies that Canada is part of the US… or Canadian teams somehow don’t count? Regardless, the apt comparison for the Brits beating the Aussies at Lords is probably the BoSox winning the series a few years ago after that 80whatever year drought.

  3. I don’t know if you’re just teasing, but I can’t resist rising to the bait in any case.

    England won the Ashes in 2005, at home, against Australia. Wikipedia quotes a cricket guru as saying it was “the most exciting series in living memory”. The team were driven around London in an open top bus and were hailed as heroes (most of them had been up all night and were rather inebriated).

    Maybe the old lady had a short memory, although it is intriguing that as a nation, we love to do down our cricket team, and forget their victories as quickly as you can say “Australia”.

  4. Elizabeth

    The old lady didn’t have a short memory. It is about the location, not the series as a whole. The Ashes series is played at a variety of cricket grounds across the country. Lord’s is only one of them. England broke a 75 year streak the other day when it finally beat Australia at Lord’s.

  5. Elizabeth

    Can you tell I used to be all about cricket? I would waste entire weeks in the summer holidays, sitting in front of the tv watching 5 day cricket matches, calculator by my side so I could work out the run rate.

    Oh, it was bliss. And before you think I’m truly weird, various of my friends and my grandmother were right there with me (though Nan was knitting, not bothering with the calculator).

  6. yael

    I am a little slow here. And I need to brush up on my cricket. Speaking of Canada… is cricket ever part of a Trivial Pursuit question?

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