so disjointed i don’t even have a title

I like to surprise you with the timing of my posts.

And I am not sure where to begin. Or end. I do have a lot of spit-up on my clothes though. Since you asked.

CELEBRITY SIGHTING ALERT: The four of us were walking down Marylebone High Street Saturday afternoon and a crazy (hot) man rode his bike by us singing. My brain went, “that looks like Leonardo DiCaprio.” One second later Bryan said, “that looked like Leonardo DiCaprio.” So we all spun around like, WAIT. Did. We. Just. See. Leonardo??? I was pretty sure we did. And then it was confirmed on the internets. Here, here and everywhere. And now I am mad I did not stare and soak it in more.

We had a lovely weekend involving two meals at friends’ flats. I like when people cook for me and I would like to encourage it more often. A newborn also makes a very easy houseguest. You can forget about them for hours. I’m just saying.

IMG_7342 IMG_7382 IMG_7385 IMG_7399

I’ve been nursing all over London, which makes my MiL laugh. I guess some new moms are shut-ins. They must have nicer flats than me.

IMG_7297 IMG_7353

Here is something else that happened this weekend- (Pause. Deep breath.) Um, we bought two hot movies. I do NOT condone this sort of behavior. And I will deny it if the authorities use this blog as evidence against me. It’s just that we have entered a new phase in our lives, and it just doesn’t include frequent trips to the cinema. Although we did see Bruno the other night. But to see The Hangover would be pushing it. So we watched it instead with Russian subtitles. As payback for our law-breaking, Public Enemies was unwatchable. The camera was shaking the whole time and it was dubbed in Spanish. Bryan wanted to return the hot DVD to the woman who works that particular street. What is the return policy for black market items?


We had a big day today. Sandy and Jonah went to Abbey Road- first time for each (see his graffiti?). And Jonah rode on the tube for the first time.

IMG_7422 IMG_7426 IMG_7431 IMG_7434 IMG_7437 IMG_7438

And as I typed those words above, it was not lost on me that I am writing the firsts of my child. Which makes this officially a blog I would never even read myself. So please delete the bookmark. And I will never do it again. Lying. I will. Cause I love him. Who doesn’t. Check this out.



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7 responses to “so disjointed i don’t even have a title

  1. Jeremy

    Am I the first to read this post? Am I the only person who checks for updated bloggings morning, afternoon and night? Celebrities – I just saw one (or a few). I just came back from drinks (sure, let’s just call it a “blind date”), where it was difficult to follow the conversation because TOMMY LEE was carrying on right behind me. Bartender says he was also with some fellow from papa roach (another awful band), and, yes, there were lots of women but no new borns.

  2. Kaylynn

    wow, you actually saw Leo (love him!) – what was he singing, btw?

  3. snosh

    uhm, i’m soooo confused. what does “MiL” mean? should i be embarrassed to ask here before doing a google search … oh well. and i’m confused about how renee is writing for a san fran paper. or when you open her articles does it read your city’s name? i’m just confused. but i enjoyed this post, even without a catchy title 🙂

  4. yael

    Tommy Lee is a great sighting! I always thought his neck lips tattoo was unfortunate.

    Wish I was more focused but we never processed what Leo was singing. Seemed like a drunken bar song.

  5. NeNe

    Am I writing for a San Fran paper? Damn, I’m good.

  6. muha! return a bootleg DVD – love it. public enemies was meh, but it satisfies the johnny depp enthusiast (well, as always).

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