a little bit of sandra in the sun

Taken from the lyrics of Mambo #5, a song that will never not be fun to dance to.

I like double negatives and I like that song and I like my mother-in-law. She arrived last night for 10 days of “third grandson” time. I am hoping she cooks Italian food for us daily. You see, she’s not Italian- but if you grow up on Long Island, you are required to perfect your Italian and Jewish cooking skills. And to get a manicure twice-weekly.

Quick fact about where Bryan grew up: The mall for those towns is the Walt Whitman Mall and as you approach it from the parking lot, you notice texts from Walt Whitman’s greatest works, like Leaves of Grass, beautifully etched into the side of the building. The part that gets me and Bryan every time is that whole portions of text are deleted to make room for entrances and store signs and our favorite- the McDonald’s entrance. We always comment that it’s such a fitting tribute to an influential American poet. I am sure he would have liked Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and Juicy tracksuits as much as the next literary giant.

We are happy she’s here, and in time for The Bachelorette to heat up no less! Who’s watching?

Here is Nanny with J-man. Babies in the UK learn to salute before anything else. God Save the Queen.



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One response to “a little bit of sandra in the sun

  1. NeNe

    How DELICIOUS is it to hold Jonah in your arms???!!! Enjoy every second!

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