washington state

It must be cool to live in the only state in the U.S. where people say the word “state” after your name. To distinguish it from the Nation’s Capital of course.

My grocery store is finally stocking my most favorite apples. And they are from Washington state. As they should be. It’s so rare that I see fresh food imported from the U.S.

IMG_7212 IMG_7211

Thinking of Washington reminds me of these gorgeous photos my brother Josh took recently of the cherry tree in his yard in Seattle. Apparently Rainier cherries are famous and highly valued- so much so there is National Rainier Cherry Day. Another one of the rare produce items imported to this land we live in. Mmmm.






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3 responses to “washington state

  1. Big Bro

    Nice. I still have like 20 pounds of cherries in my fridge. I should set up a stall at our local farmer’s market.

    That racoon is going to be living in my italian plum tree next

  2. Virginia

    Those cherries look delicious Josh!!!!

  3. toshalot

    we’re next door but i can’t afford the rainier cherries. i have to buy the bings.

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