the beginning, chapter 2: our hospital cocoon

Back to the Jonah story. Yes, this week too.

The Portland Hospital is a very fancy place to have a baby. An international and jet-set crowd passes through it, eschewing the government-funded NHS healthcare system. This was all unbeknown to me nine+ months ago when my consultant (aka ob/gyn) told me that is where she delivers (her patients are mostly expats with private health insurance). I am sort of a yes-man when it comes to dictates from doctors. What do I know.

Fast-forward to June and there we were in the fancy hospital. Private room, en suite bathroom (they love the term “en suite” over here and so do I), midwives coming in every five seconds to teach me every thing I could ever want to know about caring for a newborn and breastfeeding. My first sponge bath. Hello. A “room service” menu for me to order my three meals a day- choices that were restaurant-caliber. Five luxurious days. Well, somewhat luxurious considering I had surgery and we had an infant to care for. When we transferred rooms Bryan started complaining that the flat-screen tv in the second room wasn’t as big as the first. Foolish boy. It was never turned on the whole time. When we left, one of the many staff members that dress for hotel work rather than hospital work, brought us a gift bag that included champagne and Molton Brown products. Oh and then there was that photo shoot…

But this is not me bragging. The whole thing was surreal and hilarious to me too. As Summer said it, I will be so depressed to ever have a baby in the states. But more important than the conditions, five days in the hospital gave us a bit of a coc0on to nest in. No real world, no traffic or noise or annoyances. Just happiness and lots of firsts for Jonah. Including his first visitors.

IMG_6952 IMG_6980 IMG_6969 IMG_7001 IMG_7016 IMG_7051 IMG_7077 IMG_7087 IMG_7098 IMG_7180


IMG_7032 IMG_7038 IMG_7039 IMG_7119 IMG_7156



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8 responses to “the beginning, chapter 2: our hospital cocoon

  1. Aunt Barky

    Is the 5th one from the top the one of you meeting Jonah?! I love it!

  2. Lucky you having private health insurance and such a wonderful hospital stay. I think of one of my relatives who delivered at an NHS hospital in London and spent a couple of hours in the hallway because they had no beds and then had to wait several HOURS once she decided she wanted an epidural because they couldn’t find an anesthetist!

    I still wish we had an NHS in the US though!

  3. mira

    What an interesting post, and so timely in the midst of health care reform debates in the US. Now that you have all this extra time on your hands (ha ha) what are your thoughts on health care reform in the US, especially now that you have been exposed to nationalized health care, private health care, etc.? How about a post?

  4. Mere

    OMG-That sounds EXACTLY like my experience delivering Charlotte at NYU! Well…except for the Apple IIe-like monitor they called a TV (though, in fairness, we never turned it on, either); the bribery we had to engage in to get one of the FOUR tiny private rooms they have; the gruff nurses (one of whom was female yet had a full beard); the disgusting, inedible food; and the lack of complimentary moulton brown products (or any sort of complimentary products for that matter), photo shoot, or frills of any kind. I even had to sneak in a hair dryer because it was against their rules! Yeah, other than those minor details…it was basically the same experience you had. 🙂 I’m totally moving to London next time! xo

  5. toshalot

    how is it that nikki is everywhere all the time? she’s not a real person, i’m convinced. i’ve even seen her here in s.f. a couple of times. then she’s on the internet in some other city or country!

  6. Bonnie

    he is the cutest baby. those alert eyes. that nose is cuter than the cutest. i swear, i am not just saying this. he is one PRECIOUS, adorable, CUTEY.

  7. Glo

    What a handsome, precious boy! And what wonderful parents. Yael and Bryan and Jonah, enjoy your lives together and God bless all of you. Love, Glo

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