(mj out)

The first tape I ever bought during the first parent-free excursion I ever had with friends was Michael Jackson’s Bad in 1987 at Ballston Common Mall when I was in sixth grade. I remember Jamel was there, and Edson/Melvin. I haven’t thought of those guys in two decades so it’s weird what a strong memory of a pop star can do for you. Also weird that a kid in my elementary school had two different names.

R.I.P. MJ. I had tickets to see you August 12. So close. So. Close.




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12 responses to “(mj out)

  1. Aunt Barky

    MJ was the first tape I ever owned as well. I was probably with you that time at Ballston. Actually I think our parents didn’t let me and Mira go with you guys, but I digress. It’s very sad, and I feel like the 10 year old girl in me is heartbroken.

  2. Big Pipes

    the first cd i ever owned was milli vinilli. rip.

  3. Phillyword

    I had the red fake leather many-zippered jacket and the sparkly white glove. I had the Thriller tape. I even had Michael beating Prince in the battle for 80’s male pop supremacy. What I did not have were the dance moves or jheri curl (though I wanted both).

    RIP Michael. Thanks for waiting to get seriously weird until after I grew up.

  4. mdouris25

    The first record I ever owned was Thriller. I bet that record is still in my parents’ basement somewhere. I totally agree with the instant flash back memories … I was instantly brought back to sneaking into my grandparent’s basement den to watch the Thriller video with my older brother; my 3rd grade dance performance to Man in the Mirror and my first choir solo – ABC. I was actually looking forward to your blog post after you went to the concert. Sigh.

  5. mira

    Rainman here. I hate to say it but you are getting Jamel Costley, Edson Keister, and Lamont/Melvin Greene confused (I always wondered as well why he had two names). Yes, we all did go to the mall that day. I wore my Benetton shirt; I don’t remember what you wore. Jamel wore his new British Knights tennis shoes. Also I think that was the infamous (can I say this on your blog?!?!?!) maxi pad day: “It has wings!” (when it fell out of your purse).

    But I digress too…I’m so sad about MJ is the point of all of this.

  6. Marlene

    Mira! How can you remember what you wore? I think I was there for that mall trip too. We must have all bought that tape because it was my first too.

  7. mira

    Yes I am sure you were there! I remember because a) I am Rainman when it comes to bizarro elementary, middle, and high school memories; and b) I LOVED my Benetton shirt because, in my years and years or painful dorkiness, it was one thing that I thought was really cool about me. Why? I have no idea.

  8. Ney Ney

    Thanks, Mira, for remembering you and Barky were there. I was feeling like maybe I was a Bad Mom to have let Yael go that day. And twenty year old guilt can really be a drag. RIP Michael. I didn’t buy a single one of your records, but I did think you were a musical genius. NeNe loves you, Jonah.

  9. sonjey

    I’m a little behind, but who cares…saw Michael perform with the Jacksons in the late 80’s and I will never forget seeing him walk on street with his entourage waving his white glove. Will always love his music.

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