the beginning, prologue: the end that was actually the beginning

No, not the conception.

It won’t surprise anyone to know that I have approximately 800 photos of my pregnancy. Because it was my first one, I was sort of constantly amazed at the state of the stomach and the fun daily challenge of trying to look cute. It helped that my sister-in-law and two girlfriends lent me some awesome mat clothes. I always took pride when people at work would remark that I was still wearing heels or boots and still running around. Which sort of leads me to my point here.

I had a great pregnancy. Basically perfect. And as the days pass (10 now?) where I am not pregnant, it makes me even more grateful at the nine months before. I can’t believe Jonah fit in there. I can’t believe my body did all the things it was supposed to. I wish I knew who to thank.

IMG_6980One of the pros (there are many) of a scheduled C-section is that you know in advance the moment your baby will be born. So you can plan your Last Day of Pregnancy, your Last Supper, your morning of… Bryan and I spent two Fridays ago with a nice lunch out and then sat in Paddington Park and mused on what was to come and said peace out to a beautiful pregnancy. That night we had dinner with my mom. Then Saturday morning before go-time, I danced with my huge belly to MIA’s Paper Planes at full volume, and then I was ready. We grabbed our bags, got a black cab and off we went.




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2 responses to “the beginning, prologue: the end that was actually the beginning

  1. Elizabeth

    It sounds so orderly and lovely.

  2. toshalot

    even all the way out here in sanfran i’d brag to my friends and co-workers about how u were still shuffling around in heels ur whole pregnancy 🙂

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