father’s day

My first post since announcing the great event of Jonah coming into our lives, and surely I should finally catch “the world” up on the sweet last days of my pregnancy, the morning of June 13, the ease of the C-section and the love I have for my doctors and the hospital, the hotel-like conditions of where I gave birth and the ensuing photo shoot that was part of our package (yes, a hair & make-up person for me was included!). I should mention the first week of our baby’s life and the way it is all true- the overpowering love and devotion, the sleeplessness and pain, the emotions, the learning curves, the way breastfeeding can consume you. I should mention Jonah’s first visitors and his many gifts and cards in the mail. The Skype and telephone calls, the love he gets from home and away, the sheer number of adorable clothes I get to dress him in daily, his nose that is delicious enough to eat, our first foray to the park and my initial doubts about city living for a baby (I will master this stroller), the way we all stare at him for hours, the to-do list that I never get to each day, the 500 photos I wish I was sharing, the way my mother has gotten us through this time, the decibel level of my son’s shrieks when all we want to do at 3am is sleep and the fear we have to be so far away from all the people that could help us get through these early days and love on us. And I must be forgetting something.

This is my blog so I get to talk about Jonah all week. And I should start from the beginning (no, not the conception), but the beginning of two weeks ago.

But instead, I want to say Happy Father’s Day to Bryan.

I knew ten years ago he would be the father my children should have. He has proven it in the last 9 days. He changes a mean nappy and is J’s favorite person to spit up on. The euphoria that Jonah brings me is almost matched by the joy I get watching him with his dad. My beautiful man and my beautiful boy.







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10 responses to “father’s day

  1. toshalot

    Happy Father’s Day, Bry! What a beautiful family 🙂

  2. Elizabeth

    Happy 1st Father’s Day, Bryan.

    Yael, I’m glad to hear everything is going as it should. Sleep when you can.

  3. Marlene

    First, you can talk about Jonah all you want, not just this week

    Second, your to do list should seriously be:
    1) Love on Jonah
    2) Sleep!

    Everything else can wait 🙂

  4. sonjey

    My son loving his son! ………Priceless

  5. treeennner

    Happy Fathers Day!!

  6. andrea922

    He’s precious! And you clearly didn’t have him in an NHS hospital with all your extras, I am envious, I would have loved a hair and makeup person!

    Congrats again!

  7. Maddo

    HAPPY FATERHS DAY CAPS! that is one lucky kid.

  8. Bonnie

    Those pictures and what your wrote make my stomach drop, my heart melt. i love hearing about your love. xoxo to all 3 of you.

  9. Bonnie

    PS – i so have been thinking of yall….

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