oh, europeans

See, I am a bad bad blogger this week. And next week there will be no blog entries. Who will fill this void of epic proportions? Should I have tryouts for a guest blogger? Can I just post my five favorite Jon Stewart clips? Can I keep talking about The Bachelorette? Advice please.

It’s not exciting news, but I do think you should know there is a tube strike. Transportation strikes are fun to talk about, no? Unless you live in a place where you have a car. And then you are destroying the environment. But here everyone gets to tell their war stories about walking for a long time and not being able to find a taxi. And you have to pretend to be interested each time someone tells their story. Because you want everyone to listen to yours too. Preemptive fake concern. I love it.


Also, I need someone to tell me where English people buy napkins? I have gotten to the point where I am actually anxious when I need napkins. My grocery store only sells fancy ones. Does everyone use cloth? Are they such delicate eaters here with the knife-and-fork-and-never-using-their-fingers that no one needs a napkin? What did I miss? It’s sort of killing me slowly.



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12 responses to “oh, europeans

  1. Elizabeth

    Maybe the problem starts with calling them “napkins.” Start looking for “serviettes.”

    As for a blogging idea – I would like to know what the choice was for the TV series. Or maybe you could narrow the finalists and make us vote them off, one at a time.

    • yael

      Ohmygosh good point- serviettes. I forgot about that.

      TV shows… I appreciated every suggestion. I think I am leaning first: Mad Men, Weeds and Dexter. For me alone, Gossip Girl. But maybe we should all re-visit it.

  2. poren

    can I vote for another movie review from Phil??

    and BABY PICTURES!!!!!

    **you should totally tell the Europeans about the harrowing NYC metro strike of 2005 and semi taxi cab strike of 2006 or was that 2007?

    and I would go with the folded up paper towel bc I am high-class like that.

  3. We bought our napkins… er, serviettes at Ikea… along with most everything else we owned while living in the UK.

    I’ll be thinking of you this Saturday.

  4. mira

    Ideas for next week:

    1) Ney Net takes lots of pictures and uploads them all to the blog

    2) Guest bloggers blogging in the “voice” of Zygie to tell us what life is life out of the womb


  5. Erin

    I have one word on blog coverage:


    You will be birthing a child, and feeding said child. The least he can do is take care of us… and change every single nappie so you can save your energy.

    and pictures, of course.

  6. yael

    Good ideas everyone. Ikea, true dat. But how sad if I have to go all the way to Wembley to buy serviettes.

    Okay, stay tuned on guest bloggers. Baby pics? Ugh. Mommyblogging here I come. Sigh.

  7. Did I tell you about the time in 1989 when I lived in Putney, worked in Westminster, and during the tube strike, commuted to work on a boat? Thought you’d enjoy that.

  8. andrea922

    I always found napkins at Sainsburys, but I had to order them when I did my delivery. Only sometimes could I find them in store. And yes, definitely Ikea!

  9. Serviettes – hmm, I think we only used them for special occasions when I was growing up. Really!

    And why no blog posts next week? (Just kidding!)

  10. Marlene

    Oooh, I like Mira’s idea! Yaelie – Knowing how crazy life is about to become for you, I’m totally willing to give you 2 weeks of no blogging, but you (or Bryan or Ney Ney) must at least tell us the sex and name and post some pictures on Saturday. And then go with Mira’s suggestions. 🙂

  11. toshalot

    i think no one in your household should be blogging next week. but if your blog allows uploads of video clips, i think each day you should post a 2 min peek into life and love with baby zig. short and sweet video each day. no accompanying written words. that way you don’t dip so so quickly into the mommy blogging if your not yet ready to succomb.

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