lovely baby things

I couldn’t possibly put on this blog all the adorable, thoughtful, hilarious and perfect baby things we have received from people. And I am going to take a shot in the dark and say that you don’t want me to. (Which is self-centered of you by the way.)

But as my short-term memory seems to function the best, here are two of the most recent:

The first are two of M. Sasek‘s wonderful “This is…” books. He was a Czech artist, illustrator and author and these popular children’s books have been re-issued now several decades after his death. Bryan and I have often perused them in our local bookshop, and even bought one or two for a new babe. So in this case, it is Sarah & Josh achieving that rare thing: getting us something we would secretly want to get ourselves.


When Dave & Trina came to visit us in London a year ago, the two boys decided the best possible impression they could achieve of a British person would be to yell “blikey” (apparently a portmanteau of ‘blimey’ and ‘crikey’- and don’t feel bad, I had to look up the word “portmanteau”) and “bloomy” (no idea) in an English accent while pretending to remove a monocle and top hat and then bowing dramatically. I don’t know if it was the rum & cokes, but it was really hilarious every time. I would say you had to be there, but I mean, you didn’t. You can try it at home and I bet you will laugh too. Those crazy cats in Chicago mailed us this:




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4 responses to “lovely baby things

  1. Sarah

    So glad that you like the books. We were hoping to round out the set with “This is Washington, D.C.”, but it’s still out of print. If I ever see the book in a used bookstore, it’s coming baby’s way. Speaking of which, where is that baby??

  2. mdouris25

    Ohh!! I picked up “This is New York” at the bookstore in Cesky Krumlov for my nephew!! I have always thought they were adorable books and enjoyed getting the book in the Czech Republic. They had a ton of different ones, if I had only thought I should have sent some your way too.

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