um, due date

Yep, it’s today. The date becomes so big in our minds for so long and then is just another day.

Another episode of The Bachelorette in fact. Ahhhh.

We all agreed my mom should change her plane ticket to Tuesday morning since baby likes living inside me so much. So Bryan and I had a nice weekend of doing very little. My friend Nikki is in England for a conference and she stayed with us Saturday. We watched the movie Role Models and may I say I laughed out loud at least 30 times. Who knew.


I am also going through food picture withdrawal, so here are two- This first one is the Greek salad I always make. I like to leave the ingredients un-mixed when serving. It’s also just simple and freaking delicious. Here is the recipe.


This next one I can’t take credit for. Mmmm. It is strawberries in cream, sold every weekend in front of an organic grocery on the High Street in our ‘hood. A staple of the English Summer, as well as Wimbledon… here is a little factoid: “Every year about 27,000 kilos of strawberries are eaten during the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, together with 7,000 litres of cream. The popularity of serving strawberries with cream is possibly as old as the event itself.” And now for fun, go convert the kilos and liters.


The first time I heard an English girl refer to her shirt as a “boobtube”, I can’t help it- I laughed at her. Just because I was taken by surprise. It turns out an expression Americans use for a tv is instead the word for a tube top here in the Queen’s country. Check it.

Soo, happy June 8th.



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6 responses to “um, due date

  1. Wow! You’re due date is here already!!!

  2. Happy due date! (and I guess that is ‘doo date’ not ‘dyoo date’? Because that’s when you’re meant to go ahead and do your stuff?)

  3. erica

    happy due date mama!

    i’m making that salad too – it looks delish!

  4. Wait, you’re pregnant???

  5. toshalot

    i laughed out loud at role models too. you will be able to appreciate this- i came home late from work one night and had to go to the train station in a more upper middle class neighborhood. there at the end of the empty commuter parking lot were a group of ppl in costumes preparing for a battle of sorts. just like in the movie role models. i guess i knew but it was funny to see that its real! ppl really role play and meet up in parks to have those battles!

  6. Nilda

    6/12! 6/12! 6/12!

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