if you’re one of those people who “doesn’t have a tv”, then this post is not for you

I realize if I don’t blog, you will think I am in the middle of labor.

So any minute now I will watch the last episode of last season’s Big Love. I know I am a little slow. Big Love was always my one solo show (I mean, besides Oprah and The Bachelorette). You know how couples have joint shows and separate shows. I think we have too many joint shows. And they just rot on our DVR. You see, Bryan is very strict with his bedtime. There is a window where maybe I can sneak in a tv show but if the phone rings or I take too long removing my contacts, I will find that the window has been disturbed by 3 extra minutes and therefore it is “too late” to watch tv. He runs a tight ship, that handsome husband of mine.

So I am in need of a new show all for me. And I need your help. It has to be something I can rent or buy on DVD or download. In other words, not DWTS. And if you tell me DWTS is available on DVD, I will be so so sad. Please tell me what show you think I should adopt and why… the “why” is the catch. And nobody (achem) is allowed to say Golden Girls.



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33 responses to “if you’re one of those people who “doesn’t have a tv”, then this post is not for you

  1. Did you ever watch Six Feet Under? It’s pretty old now- but I was obsessed with it for a while ( I’ll still watch every re-run they play on USA) The show had such an interesting perspective, and the writing was amazing

  2. Nilda

    It would help to know what your joint shows are, I have a shitload of suggestions.

  3. Big Pipes

    The Price is Right

  4. Mira

    Six Feet Under!!! Loved it. Watched the whole thing over one winter a couple of years ago. Sooo good.

  5. Virginia

    I’ve just gotten into Heroes…you can watch it in the US on netflix online…not sure if you can do it there…but its quite good. That being said the entire season of Greys is still unwatched on my dvr as I just haven’t had time…and well I”m only on episode 7 of Season one of Heroes but really like it!

  6. sonjey

    Charlie and I loved….HBO’s Rome and Deadwood (Language is deadly)…For me personally, I love Samantha Who.

  7. Carrie

    Yael, you might as well have written this post just for me. Even though you don’t know me. Yes, the internet is kind of creepy that way, but I am a friend of Listgirl, so it’s not that strange that I’m responding to your blog post, right? (right?)

    Anyway, I have two sets of DVDs that I have watched over and over again: Alias and Gilmore Girls. I can never get enough of Sydney Bristow kicking @ss and taking names, and Gilmore Girls is actually quite intellectual and hysterically funny (if you’re not one of those people annoyed by quick dialogue, like my husband).

    As for other “girl” shows, I really enjoy Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl, but for some reason, they are not shows that I want to watch in succession or ever need to watch “just one more even though it’s midnight and I have to work in the morning.” I’ve also heard that I would like One Tree Hill, but I haven’t started the DVDs that I borrowed from a friend yet. I’ll keep you posted.

    PS: I bought Season 1 of FNL for my husband for Christmas, but he won’t watch them with me yet “because it’s not football season.” Boys are weird.

    • yael

      Carrie, not at all weird you’re responding. Keep it up. I have too many silent readers that I silently curse in return. What can I say- I am needy.

      I have to admit the few times I have seen Gilmore Girls I was VERY annoyed with the rapid-fire dialogue that seemed unrealistic for a mother-daughter duo. So I guess I am with your husband.

      However, I should get back into Grey’s… good reminder. And I think Gossip Girl is a contender.

  8. Danglers

    The correct answer is “Weeds.”

  9. Jeremy

    People I work with rave about “Rescue Me”… Although, if you ask me, I’d suggest Netflixing the last 3 seasons of the great ESPN docu-drama “baseball tonight”.

  10. Sarah

    Big Love is my solo show, too! I miss those crazy polygamists. Mad Men!!!! But that’s a joint show. Ugly Betty is great if you want to take it in a different direction. Perhaps you should go back and watch Felicity…sigh. And I agree with Carrie that GG is a must if you have not done it. I watch too much TV.

    Separately, the second that you do not post I will be certain that you are in labor (your blog has been my first stop of the day everyday this week for that reason).

  11. mdouris25

    Mad Men!! Weeds!! Arrested Development!! (yes, all of them deserved multiple exclamation points.)

    I’ve heard great things about Dexter, Rescue Me and The Tudors.

    People rave about True Blood too – although I’m not a vampire person, so I’m not sure I “get it” – as I also don’t seem to be getting this whole Twilight obsession.

  12. Elizabeth

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Granted, a little slow to get started, but truly a masterful work.

    And I’d like to second the suggestions of Gilmore Girls, Weeds and Alias.

    I would second Grey’s Anatomy (I’ve never missed an episode) but it had a couple of seasons where it went off the rails. If it wasn’t for the writer’s strike, when the writers sat down and rewatched every single episode, they never would have gotten back on track.

  13. Weeds, Dexter, Mad Men and, surprisingly, Nip/Tuck.

  14. yael

    Wow. You all seem to agree which is a good sign. I may breastfeed to entire seasons of these shows. Is that TMI?

  15. Farglotta

    Definitely Weeds.

  16. Ney Ney

    I nursed you all the way through the PTL Club in the middle of the night. Loved those wacky, God fearing folks, Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker. I never got religion or sent them money, but I did swear off mascara. I wonder if they are on DVD.

  17. kate

    mad men is so so good- but it would be a good joint one,as is six feet under- another good joint one. i personally loved dawson’s creek- warren hates it…but it’s a good high school drama.

  18. poren

    I’m going to third or fourth the vote for Alias. Perfect girl show. I used to dislike Jennifer Garner before I spent second semester of second year avoiding homework and watching Alias marathons non-stop (you knew I was really cool) and now she is one of my favorite people. And by favorite people I mean the long list of celebrities that I don’t know but think I do.

  19. Dexter! It’s a perfect fit for a newborn. Plus you get to see the style-ized version of Miami.

  20. Shows I would recommend are Nip/Tuck and Gossip Girl. Nip/Tuck (especially the season that just ended) is dark, sexy and has Julian McMahon! Gossip Girl is also sexy, has great clothes, the plots keep changing and it has Ed Westwick!

  21. toshalot

    ugh! fine, i won’t include gg on this list. i absolutely agree with one tree hill, dexter (might be good as a joint one tho. boyfriend and i watch this together), weeds (also a good joint one), and grey’s. i would add absolutely fabulous (too cheesey?) and if you won’t take gg, how about maude? oh oh oh, and will and grace. i missed most of that series while in hondu and so have watched it all on dvd. good fun. oh oh oh and mamma’s family first season is on dvd now.

  22. dad

    This is really sick. It’s just television, people; and they’re all mediocre actors, doing made up things. It’s all pretend.

  23. Nilda

    Army Wives (girly,) Californication (lots of sex,) Dexter (intelligent gore,) Nip/Tuck (sexy men,) Weeds (intelligent humor)…

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