That stands for Bachelor of Arts. My esteemed degree from one of the finest American universities was in “Political Science”. And I have always felt a bit of a scientist since, I am not going to lie. Bryan majored in “Foreign Affairs”, so between the two of us we are pretty well qualified to draft and execute integral domestic and international policy with the potential to forever improve the lives of billions. I should mention I had like a B+ average. And a C+ average in my French minor. So if you ever want to travel to Paris with me… we will totally be able to find le toilette.

Do you ever read this and wonder what my point is?

It is thus. When I was young I thought I wanted to be in politics. Then along the way I realized I was too lazy and also not really vet-proof. (There may be an outstanding warrant in Arlington County for the night Dirty Steve threw a boombox into a stream and the po-po came and took my name as an eyeball witness. The Wire, I miss you.) But luckily there are some not-lazy people. One is our friend Jonathan, an Assemblyman for one of New York City’s finest districts. And now, there is Mike.

Mike Signer is running for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. In a matter of days, June 9th to be precise, he needs your vote or someone you love in Virginia’s (Virginia is For Lovers after all) vote in the Democratic primary to get on the ballot as the Democratic contender in the fall. You may think I am biased because Mike and I grew up on the same block. Or because when he was a Senior and I was a Freshman, I am pretty sure I had a crush on every single one of his guy friends. But you would be wrong. This is a straight objective endorsement from a very knowledgeable political science graduate. Don’t make me drop that knowledge on you.

Spread the word: Help make Virginia a little less scary.



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  1. Ney Ney

    Mike is brilliant, committed, focused, visionary, and principled. And, aside from sneaking over my back fence one day when he was about seven and standing precariously on the roof of our old, structurally-unsound playhouse, I don’t think he has done anything to be ashamed of in his life. So vote for him.

  2. Pleban

    Don’t sleep on another old friend of yours and mine who is running for a public seat this year… its not exactly “Lieutenant Governor of Virginia” (imposing title!)… but if you know anyone in Poughkeepie, NY, give them a holler…

  3. mira

    Go Mike Go!! Thanks Yael for the awesome post. Mike will have to add you to the growing list of bloggers who are endorsing him! 🙂

  4. erica

    too bad i can’t vote in VA or pughkeepsie or i’ll put in my vote.

    i knew shook would be running for office one day!

  5. toshalot

    here here! (does that mean, “i concur”?) anywho, if arizona po-po didn’t make me surrender my Va license that overcast and sullen day i would be voting for MS too!

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