we’ve all got our junk, and my junk is you


Ten years ago this summer, Bryan and I met, started dating, fell in love and I pretty much knew then he would be my babydaddy. Two years ago today we made that commitment legal in Jamaica (assuming it was legal).

Most people mark their anniversaries from their wedding date. The thing is, a wedding date is usually chosen because it falls on a Saturday, is convenient to certain people’s schedules, the venue was available and the weather was assumed to be perfect that time of year. All facts which say nothing to me about the significance and fatefulness of when true commitment begins. And disregards the hours, days, months, years before the wedding that you wash someone’s boxer briefs or hold their hair back when they’re puking.

Our story is ten years young. Happy 10th (2nd) anniversary, my love. Take a deep breath because baby is coming. Somehow.



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10 responses to “we’ve all got our junk, and my junk is you

  1. Adrian Adonis

    Thanks for the beautiful post baby. I’ve always said that the day I met was you by far the best day of my life, right after October 27, 1986.

    Thanks for always being the wifey I dreamed of. It’s just how you do.

  2. Virginia

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Virginia

    B, what sport/team/etc. won and/or other significant milestone on 27 October 1986…..?

  4. Ney Ney

    Happy 2nd. Happy 10th. Happy forever. BTW, I think PC is referring to the NY Mets beating the Boston Red Sox 4 games to 3 in the world series. Or could be McCartney’s release of “Pretty Little Head.” The only other thing I can think of is the 1361st anniversary of Honorius I as the Catholic pope.

  5. sonjey

    Wow…. tears are coming on down…… love you both so much… and love how you love each other!!!! Happy A!

  6. Maddo

    Happy Anniversary guys!

  7. Big Pipes

    first date at an o’s game! doesn’t get any better than that (excluding wherever amy and i went on our first date).

  8. mdouris25

    Congrats guys! Such a lovely tribute to your 10 (!) years. (Rob will be happy to see this, as he thinks when we started dating is the “real” anniversary and our wedding date is the “second” i.e. “lesser” anniversary :))

  9. toshalot

    pffff! renee may be smart but hell if i believe she knows by memory the 136th anniversary of a catholic pope … then again, she just may. anywho, happy decade anniversary to you both. i knew he was a keeper when you told me he read my letters to you from hondu and then still agreed to let you move me in to his home when i returned stateside 🙂 what a doll! AND he let me drive his car all the time. bryan, you were such a good dad to me!

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