there is no unifying theme to this post

First of all, we have a mouse, or mice. I feel bad that I hate mice so much. In fact, I am scared of them. I don’t know why. And I hate the idea of killing them but I want them dead so bad. Such inner turmoil at this contradiction. I think Bryan loves when we have mice because his testosterone really shines. That’s what happens with guys with office jobs who don’t really excel at any one sport. They are super awesome at things like killing mice and programming a universal remote.

232323232fp536-9>nu=326->234>75;>WSNRCG=326896659;32-nu0mrjSometimes I am almost obsessed with the thought that Skype might be one of the world’s greatest inventions. I cannot even qualify the way that it keeps families in touch. We can see our nephews’ faces vividly and watch them grow week-to-week. We can see them laugh as we put on a Mickey Mouse and Elmo puppet show. My mom recently visited Micah in Charleston and I love this photo of my brothers Skyping each other.

IMG_6889My father is so cute because he indulged my disconcerting obsession with Rice-A-Roni the other day and mailed me four packs. But he painstakingly individually-wrapped the rice/seasoning mix combos and cut out the instructions, so that the package would be “smaller” and require only a bubble envelope.

IMG_6853The packages have been coming lately, thanks to some seriously radical people in the U.S. Like a true addict, the number of magazines I receive are never enough. I need that next hit. Not that I am hinting.

Pleban bettered my life with this: Awkward Family It will be hard for you to pick your favorite but I think “The Closeness of You” on May 11, 2009 (page 10) is a contender.

We celebrated our anniversary early this weekend at the very cool Sake No Hana (by the daddy of Wagamama). We kept commenting all weekend that it might be the last time for the next 25 years that we could wake up without another human being in our place (my mom arrives on Saturday).

IMG_6906 IMG_6909 IMG_6914 IMG_6915

So we just slept in, finished The Wire season 5 (I am in denial it’s really over), saw friends and of course went to the park both days. Because London is very nice to its inhabitants in May. There are many phenoms to the British and cool international crown enjoying a sunny day in the park. Love the legal outdoor drinking part and the blankets and picnics and lack of baseball caps / football throwing. Could do without the sheer number of girls dedicated to their black pantyhose even in 80 degrees. I think even the Euro girls are questioning their devotion to the fad in hot weather. Anyway, thank you London for the weather. Sometimes you really step up your game.

IMG_6926 IMG_6922



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10 responses to “there is no unifying theme to this post

  1. mira

    Yael – I had another dream last night with you and your belly. I mean, you were there too šŸ™‚ I think it means Zygie is coming soon!

  2. sonjey

    You look like you DROPPED! That is good, but hold in till Ney Ney arrives….

  3. Marlene

    I agree, you do look like you dropped!

  4. Rebecca

    You definitely dropped. Come on baby!

  5. Rebecca

    PS I like that Mira is dreaming about your belly šŸ™‚

  6. Congrats on the anniversary!!

  7. Mira

    Dropped what?! Acid? A thousand bucks? A plate of cookies?

  8. Ney Ney

    I’m arriving FRIDAY! FRIDAY! Hold on! No dropping or anything till then! I’m packing as fast as I can!

  9. tosha

    i hate mice too. boyfriend has one (or more) living in the walls of his bldg. we get in fights every weekend bc i start hysterically crying and squeezing my ears shut and digging my feet into the cushions of the couch when i hear them scratching through the walls. i really really hate them. you are not alone.

  10. Sarah

    Who’s the hot pregnant lady?

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