and today

Yesterday I spent the better part of the day flipping through books, perusing Google searches and mostly fielding emails and phone calls from friends and family. In my efforts to become more informed than the day before, my cup has runneth over. Many people have shared their stories with me and reassured me and I am grateful beyond my own ability of articulation.

In the midst of it all, this email came in from my dad. And for the first time in a long time, I cried. A lot. My father is a good man. And I am reminded that whether a person is 3, 33 or 63, we never stop needing the thing that only our parents can give us. One of the greatest dreams Bryan and I have for our baby is for him/her to know how incredible its grandparents are. I often think if I am half the parent my parents are, then all will be okay.

Dear Honey Bun: I read your lovely note and it brought back all those memories of the day you were born in GW Hospital, a month early and underweight, just like your bro. You were yellow and jaundiced and had to stay in the intensive care ward for a couple of days until your liver started to work right and clean up your blood. I remember you laying there, a yellow little peanut with a white knit cap on your head, pulled down over your eyes as you snoozed away in your glass enclosed box with bright lights glaring down on you to activate some process in your skin to lower your bilirubin. I suppose we would have preferred the movie version of the dream birth where a chubby, happy, gurgling baby stays in Mom’s arms all day, but that didn’t happen, and, frankly who cares: what matters is that the good doctors did what had to be done to make sure you were as healthy as you could be and we’re happy for it. So, 18 months later, when you were delighting your Mom and your Dad by stumbling around the living room in your Oshgosh overalls, flapping your arms for balance, and giggling away at the delight of it all, it just didn’t make any difference how you got there. Dad



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13 responses to “and today

  1. Big Pipes

    damn yael, why do you make me cry at work?

  2. Rebecca

    :: jumps in her car in tears and drives down to Fredericksburg to give Yael’s dad a big hug and thank him for saying the perfect thing ::

  3. yael

    The people that spawned me are the true storytellers.

    And Rebecca, I bet they would love visitors. The pool will be open in a matter of weeks!

  4. kate

    that is completely touching. i am crying now too.

  5. Jeremy

    The two of your should be on StoryCorps. Yael could explain her recent news. Ron would respond by reading the email (and pretend it’s not an email and that he is just saying it to his daughter), and then Yael, you could chime in with how much you need your parents. Cue – tears. The whole thing…really….StoryCorps and then NPR.

  6. Jeremy

    Actually, I went on a few dates with a girl whose sister works for StoryCorps. I’ll suck up some awkwardness (as we are no longer dating) and contact her if you are willing to have this story stored (for posterity) in the Library of Congress.

    • yael

      Jeremy, readers want to know if there is anyone in NYC you haven’t dated? I am just glad that when I am on blogging maternity hiatus, you will be able to regale this blog’s followers with your dating tales.

  7. jenny

    Such an awesome email! Congrats guys!!! We are so excited for you!!!!!

  8. Maddo

    i dont think my colleagues are buying my ‘cutting up onions’ story right now. damn it all!

  9. treeennner

    get out the kleenex!
    dads always know the right things to say.

  10. sonjey

    It’s no wonder I love reading your blogs….Can Ron blog too!!!!!

  11. Mira

    Beautiful, touching. And, what he said 🙂

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