i didn’t wanna do it

I didn’t want to mention Jon & Kate Plus 8 on this blog. Because this blog is respectable. For example, I would rather post the hilariously classic (define “classic”) Tracy Morgan as Spoonie Luv Crank Yankers bit that Bryan and I quote all the time. It’s only Rated NC-17 for the love. Don’t steal my stuff.

But Jon & Kate are the proverbial car crash personified. I am sure I am one of millions that thinks parents of 8 children should not get divorced (I can just imagine that custody arrangement) and yet we will all watch it happen- me sitting on the couch with homemade popcorn. Btw, it is so good from the stovetop/hob and with real, melted butter. Fo shizzle. Come over some time and I will show you.

Anyway, once The New York Times gets into the fray, game on. My journalistic standards are obviously higher than The Gray Lady’s so I waited a day. But anyway, sad stuff. I can barely bring myself to type it: why do couples who do television think they will last? And why is Kate getting so much shite for her hair style? It is still an improvement.




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12 responses to “i didn’t wanna do it

  1. Rebecca

    OMG it is ABOUT time you blogged about J&K+8. Am I the only one who feels sort of bad for Kate? I really think the media is being horrible to her. I know she can be a nightmare but still. I just feel so bad for those poor adorable kids.

  2. Carrie

    Since listgirl is on vacation, I suppose I will have to comment for myself. I’ve been watching this show since it started, and it makes me so sad to see what has happened. At the end of the last “season” when the producers asked them if they would do another season, Jon replied something like “Eh, I’d rather not,” while Kate said, “DEFINITELY.” At that point, I think that they should have reevaluated the situation and maybe pulled out of the show (as much as we would all miss watching the kids) and just focus on the book writing, etc. It seemed clear that Jon wasn’t into filming anymore, and perhaps her forging ahead with the show despite his objections pushed them over the edge. Even though Jon is so laid back, there are only so many times you can make your husband do something he doesn’t want to before he rebels.

    How is that for a defined opinion about a family that I don’t actually know?! I should probably seek help.

    Speaking of seeking help, while Kate’s hair is an improvement, the flock of seagulls has got to go. I’ve even talked to my stylist about a pro-bono ‘do next time Kate is in NYC.

  3. misschicago

    Hello! Stumbled upon your blog — my luck! It is fun read — especially having having moved across the pond. Luckily, I will be “bi-coastal” for the next couple of years. That makes things easier. Can I include your blog in my blogroll? Thanks.

  4. jenny

    That lady is so mean to get husband and talks to him like he’s a child. All of that nagging… Not that it justified cheating on her with a 23 year old…

  5. I think it’s funny how the tabloids, US Weekly, in particular, has interviewed her family/friends/etc, and NOT ONE has anything positive to say.
    And yeah, she sucks on that show. So damn bitchy and constant nagging.

  6. yael

    I so hate to disagree with Rebecca but I kind of agree with everyone else. Not that I could imagine life with 8 kids but a hallmark of the show has been Kate berating her husband publicly for years and unilaterally deciding they should continue with the public exposure. I am shocked he hasn’t done anything worse. The whole thing is sad-ola.

  7. yael

    And yes misschicago, add away. What’s your blog?

  8. Ney Ney

    What is truly horrible is that I’m sure the twins are old enough now to see/hear the things that are being said. This is bad enough for kids, but having it splashed all over the media is horrific. And methinks that had there never been a reality show, Kate would just be your garden variety controlling bitch and Jon would be an unhappy passive aggressive husband. But they probably would have stayed together out of fear of being responsible for all those kids solo.

  9. mdouris25

    I kind of agree – Kate’s a wretched nagging twit – and Jon’s super freakin’ lazy. Hello people you CHOSE to have 8 children. And then you chose to fund those children by having a TV show – so stop complaining about all the bad press already and buck the hell up! (can you say “hell” on here?)

  10. Once again your 2nd cuz

    i think that Kate is s monster, but the poorkids are really gonna suffer. They even mite possibly turn out like mary kate n ashley( at least the twins) or some othrr child star. I hope it turns out okay!
    Ps pardon my grammar/ spelling. I have been texting alot lately to my friends and bf and i really dont need to spell everything rite when i text 🙂
    Pss i cant wait to c ur little baby!!!!

  11. tosha

    i admittedly watch the marathons on the weekends but i am still too embarrassed to comment on anything other than kate’s before and after hair- uhm, hello ppl, she obviously wasn’t coloring and styling her hair when she was pregnant! of course she looked like that carrying 6 humans in her belly! i don’t know. i feel badly for them both and second mom’s comment.

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