I heard about shirts that said that.

I felt as a public service announcement, I should share something I just recently learned: you can buy Layoff Insurance. For real. For a small price, you can ensure a monthly income after you get the heave ho. I like this idea. And no matter what the media is telling us about recession trajectories or probable outcomes, the redundancies are far, far from over. See, I am actually an expert. You didn’t know that. And that’s why, as usual, you are better off for spending 10 seconds reading this blog.

For the New York readers, help a sister out and head to Landmarc in Tribeca to eat. My friend Nikki is a server there- one of her 17 current jobs despite being a qualified immigration attorney. It’s tough times for lawyers looking for employment. Nikki is in her 30s, attended a prestigious American university, graduated from law school, passed the NY York Bar Exam, works with agencies promoting international human rights through athletics and stringent drug testing for Olympians and is often asked to speak and attend conferences around the world. None of this prevents her 22 year-old restaurant manager from admonishing her for putting the salt and pepper backwards on the tables. Which, I mean, to be fair is very important. I hate when my salt and pepper is askew. And I am fully supportive of people harboring grandiose and delusional notions of authority. I think the manager should even dock Nikki’s $1.62/hour pay for her serious transgression. I’m looking into it. In the meantime, go eat there, tip Nikki well and then throw a salt shaker at her face. She has not been humbled enough this year.



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  1. Sorry to hear about your friend’s situation. Things do quite suck these days. I wish I could go to NYC and have lunch or dinner. At this point of the twin pregnancy, I’m lucky to make it to work.

  2. Josh

    A few years ago I got to Seattle right in time for the tech bubble to burst and high unemployment, so it was tough to find a job. I waited tables for a few months and the 24-yr old floor manager was not cool. He changed my schedule often when I wasn’t there and then wouldn’t tell me. So one day I came in at the time I was originally supposed to work, which was 2 hours late then the time that he had switched me too. He ‘wrote me up’ and then asked me to sign my name to it, to acknowledge my transgression. I looked at it for a sec, then took off my apron, tossed it at him, and walked out. Only job I ever quit. Went back like 8 years later and yep, he was still the floor manager.

  3. yael

    Oh my goodness, I never knew my dear brother quit a job halfway through a shift. I hope Nikki throws an apron too- I like the drama factor.

    Heather, you are lucky to accomplish anything with a twin pregnancy! All these singleton pregos talk about that quite a bit.

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