That’s what a partner at work called my blog yesterday. Not that he should be reading it. As payback, I bring you all the calendar that a major Russian corporation distributed to staff and clients unbeknownst to a major British bank that acquired said company. Oops. But if your colleagues looked like this, you might enjoy work more. Especially the men. Including my gay reader(s). Because as we’ve all established (and we have all established this, remember?), everyone prefers the female body. Case in point: every single magazine cover ever.

The day is like half over and I have not left the flat. I have also looked at a lot of people’s photos on Facebook that I don’t know. I am thinking that maybe I am not cut out for pre-baby maternity leave. I know, I am going to jinx myself. Stay in there, baby. It’s taco night and I have things to do.



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8 responses to “boring

  1. sonjey

    Don’t make them too spicy!!! Is the slingbox working?

  2. jenny

    I can’t believe that partner said your blog was boring… What an ass…

  3. Cookie Monster

    I can’t believe it either. Someone should tell that partner to get a life. He sounds like a total loser.

  4. yael

    Bad partner, bad bad partner.

  5. Erin

    So if your blog was the highlight of my day, what would the partner say about my life?? hmmmmm.

  6. toshalot

    i don’t think being bored on pregnancy leave clears you to surf soft porn on the web and then link to it on your blog …

    maybe i’m just a naive american half-breed but that story sounds ridiculous to me. it can’t be true. i’m stopping by the barclay’s office in sf on my way to the office tomorrow and demanding they explain this article.

  7. yael

    Erin, your loyalty is music to my ears. But even I might say that if this terrible blog is ever the highlight of your day, you might want to investigate a new job.

    toshalot, would a newspaper lie?–High-Street-giant-bids-Russian-bank-saucy-staff-calendar.html

  8. Maddo

    thanks for the shoutout Yael!!!

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