last day at work

for a little while at least.

Tomorrow begins my maternity leave. Which actually makes me a bit sad. When HR first asked me when I wanted to leave, I conjured a quizzical look and said, “um, when my water breaks.” Apparently this is abhorrent to Europeans. In fact, it was ‘suggested’ to me I leave 2 months before my due date. As if! There is only so much DVRed Oprah I can watch and ways to prepare lamb for Bryan that I am capable of succeeding at. But this is normal in countries where you can take up to a year leave. People assume you might have a few things to take care of before life turns on its head and sleep deprivation sets in. Imagine if you can. In Amurrica, obviously no woman would start her leave until halfway through labor- and even then someone might ask her to make a few copies on the way out the door. Which, at my old job I am sure I would have been happy to do. No doubt if my water broke there, I would have also had to scrub the carpet myself before exiting. But then, I guess that’s an inside joke.

IMG_6848So to mark my temporary departure, I brought in Krispy Kreme and some homemade red, white & blue star cookies. It’s important at all times to remind people you are American. Coincidentally the only star cookie cutters I could find look suspiciously like Stars of David. Which is really a 2-for-1. Now I have reminded people not to forget the only American Jew in the office.


I suppose I will be back here tomorrow- at my leisure- blogging about daytime television and how fun it is to do errands when places are open!



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13 responses to “last day at work

  1. Ney Ney

    Have a glorious day. I have it in my head that this will be like the day at W-L where certain seniors were parodied at an assembly and Laura Hartman was you. So I imagine your boss dressed as a pregnant you, taking the stage and doing a routine.
    Love you, Babe.

  2. Rebecca

    Happy Last Day!!

  3. mira

    The US should definitely follow the UK’s policy/culture on this! But I know that wouldn’t happen in a million years unfortunately.

  4. Jeremy

    I want some of those jew-cookies!! They serve the same ones at my synagogue after shabbat service every saturday….

  5. kate

    last day! how nice. i wish it was that way here! now we can skype any time!

  6. mdouris25

    Congrats and enjoy! I’m a wee bit jealous and would consider getting pregnant just for the break lately; but alas, since we only get 2 weeks materrnity leave around here, I guess that wouldn’t work out all that well 🙂

  7. sonjey

    I hope you are able to have some relaxing time before beautiful baby arrives. In the end, we all just can’t wait!!!!

  8. Enjoy these days. If you’re baking cookies already, you’ve got started on the nesting process.

  9. Marlene

    Enjoy it Yael! I actually did work until I went into labor. Literally. My contractions started while I was at work. I think your way is way better!

  10. I had three months off before child one was born because of school summer vacation, and only two days off before the other was born as he was born mid school year. (Stopped work on the Friday, he was born on the Tuesday evening.) Given my limited maternity leave (albeit very generous by American standards – I took 3 months, and was paid for 10 weeks!) I was much happier to take the time off AFTER delivery.

    Enjoy your time away from work!

  11. toshalot

    i would recommend golden girls on dvd. absolutely thrilling. so good you can watch all seven seasons over and over and over again. i promise.

    i want some american jew cookies too …

  12. Virginia

    Do everything there is you want to do before your imminent arrival comes….this could include, lots of tv watching…lots of shopping (walking allegedly helps to get everything going)…lots of pampering…enjoy every minute of it! Time is a gift and well not going to lie to you, “yael-time” will be come much more limited post arrival…. In the meantime, I’m still working on creating a time warp, as I desperately need one– if I succeed I”ll let you know!

  13. Congrats! I’m so jealous you get to start you’re leave. I’m trying to work from home a lot during the end of the pregnancy, especially on days like today when DH is traveling for work. The thought of being stuck somewhere if I go into labor when he’s out of town freaks me out. At least if I’m home I have neighbors I can call.

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