That’s what Bryan and I named our first child together- our dog Luna. The way we got her seems to me to be very Yael-appropriate- meaning the story is somewhat bizarre, dramatic and lends itself well to exaggeration. Suffice to say the girl that placed the ad in the paper giving a mutt away tried to dognap her back, and in the pouring rain, my mother and I went and pried the dog from the woman’s clutches. It was a birthday present from Bryan, and besides those sob-inducing early puppy naughty moments, it was love.

A couple years later, we asked Bryan’s dad and stepmom to dog-sit as we were headed to Alaska for a week. That summer in 2003 is the last time Luna ever lived with us. All parties felt she was better off with green space, the run of a big house, a Golden Retriever companion and people that were home during the day. We had visitation for a while when we all still lived in the same state. Now Sande & Mary live in Florida and we are in, well, I think you know.

I still miss Luna but now I feel more like her aunt than her momma. She is loving the good life in Florida… the alligators, the sawgrass and most of all, patrolling the condominium grounds with Sande.

Without further ado, PR for the Flip Video Camcorder. Oprah told me to buy one once. But now I am sold.

Video… (Ignore my father-in-law calling our baby a girl. Wishful thinking on his part.)



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2 responses to “lunatic

  1. Mira

    The Flip video camera is a very fun and affordable toy to have. We’ve gotten some great videos with it. Nevermind that I haven’t figured out how to upload any of the videos! Someday I will ask a 10 year old to show me. But it is a neat product.

  2. toshalot

    Nice, Yaelie. Another plug for another San Francisco based company. Props to The Flip!

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