if i was on facebook right now, my status would say, “LOOKING FORWARD TO THE WEEKEND!!!”

I really had high hopes for the blog today. A photographic tour of jauntily-dressed Englishmen and Jermyn Street perhaps. Or maybe a laugh-outloud on-screen impression of the Brits’ usage of “do” at the end of a sentence (eg “I will do”, “You should do”) where Americans just lop off that last do for efficiency-sake. According to The Grammar of American English, British English sometimes uses do as a pro-verb(wha??), to replace another verb:

AmE: I haven’t read this yet, but I will.

BrE: I haven’t read this yet, but I will do.

It’s really effing adorable though, I am not kidding.

Sorry, back to my apology. But you can just tell it’s been that kind of blogging week- uninspired. I am afraid of you people though, or else I would have taken today off and spent my time lamenting the boringness of Google News and yelling at Royal Mail customer service for losing my passport. Lucky for them it is “illegal” for me to fly. BUT WHAT IF I WANT TO TAKE THE EUROSTAR TO PARIS? HUH? HUH? Merde.

So what I am really saying is nothing at all. But rest assured it is a good week. And we still love London. And there are adventures daily. Last night mine involved 2 glasses of champagne after work. Judge on, suckas.

And there has been some law school email banter this week to keep me mildly entertained. Turns out my grad alma mater, amongst other shameful things, has been named by a very authoritative source, which Kasper alerted us to, as such the antithesis of a party school that it bottoms out the rankings as a place “Where Fun Goes to Die”. Now, you all know I would not be caught dead at a school where fun goes to die. Maybe Where My Spirit Goes to Die- but not fun. My Fun is Eternal. So my friends from my section have been trying to unearth photographic evidence to prove that somehow, someway, we were bucking the trend.

bls1 bls2 bls3 bls4

According to Wikipedia, one of our notable almost-alums include: Bernard Madoff, Left school after first year. He would have been class of ’63 or ’64 had he finished. I just feel that had he stayed, maybe we would be ranked higher on the party list. Bernie, you just screw everything up.



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6 responses to “if i was on facebook right now, my status would say, “LOOKING FORWARD TO THE WEEKEND!!!”

  1. jenny

    Yael I’m so honored to have my pic on your blog… Too bad I look frightened of pleban. We’re missing a photo of joe and Kasper in their boxers in mike babcock’s dog cage with all of us standing around throwing dollar bills on the ground. I’ll see if I can find the pic somewhere…

  2. Uhm – let’s NOT find that picture – thank you very much…

  3. Jerms

    I bumped into Mike on Court Street a few weeks ago. He was wearing a black suit and black leather biker/weight-lifting gloves…. interesting look for an attorney, or anyone, really.

    I hope he isn’t reading this blog….

  4. Oh dear, I was about to send my passport Royal Mail this week to have pages added… this is not helping me feel confident in the process…

  5. yael

    No worries notfromaround here. After multiple post offices denied knowledge of said passport, it turned up.

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