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Bad news everyone: Katie and Peter are splitting up. (The real story?) I mean, we all knew they would. But, so soon? I actually like them together although their mutual narcissism which translated into an obsessive need to have their whole lives played out on reality tv was going to get old. What of the three kids? Sad.

But the good news? The Bachelorette starts this Monday, May 18! I am giving you fair warning so you can set the DVR and we can all enjoy this show together. And don’t think to yourself: I would never watch that show in a hundred years. Yes you would. And you will. This coming Monday. Thank you.

You know what’s been on my mind lately? The surprising way in which Sarkozy dominates mostly positive press coverage of European politics and the fact that I can completely see why. It may just be uncool to hate the French right about now. (Except last night at a French restaurant with two friends, our server practically spit on Bryan when Bryan asked for a menu recommendation. Way to play to type, frog-man.)

But here’s what’s really on my mind lately… who is THE funniest character on NBC’s The Office, and why? I actually want your opinions if you can be bothered between surfing your lame Facebook homepage and planning your Memorial Day/bank holiday weekend which will inevitably be cold and overcast. And disappointing.

For me it has always been a toss-up between Kelly Kapoor and Toby Flenderson. But Kelly actually seems like a real-live crackpot that you could work with (eg, her Friday casual outfit) so she wins in my mind. But I cannot discount the random sleeper hit moments of Darryl and Creed.



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11 responses to “where i surprisingly talk about tv

  1. Pleban

    Love Kelly. A lot. The fact that she only has a line or two each show makes her even better.

    But I always find myself laughing the most at Andy. I love that he’s oblivious, and i love the singing (“Rockin Robin” on the speaker phone anyone?).

    On another note… I am tiring of the ongoing Jim/Pam saga – big time. I would like that storyline to end with one of them dying. That’d be great.

  2. listgirl

    I am going to have to go with Creed.

  3. Kevin, of Scrantonicity and Scrantonicity II, has to be in the running for funniest character on the show.

  4. Ney Ney

    Is anybody else shocked/appalled and/or not-surprised-at-all (I do love those little slanty line dividing things and dashes) about the whole John and Kate plus 8 affair drama? And, more importantly, why wouldn’t Kate, the kids, or the 56 camera guys and producers notice that John was missing? These are the kinds of things I think about while I am out changing the world.

  5. listgirl

    My friend, Carrie, whom I have turned on to your blog (but who’s too shy to post comments yet since you might read her comment and think “who the hell is this Carrie person who is reading my blog”) would like to would like to add her thoughts. She finds Andy “The Nard Dog” Barnard to be highly hysterical, especially when it relates to all things a cappella. Or when calling Jim “Tuna” or Ryan “Turkey.”

  6. I am still sad that I moved away from London never having seen Jordan in person. Who wouldn’t want to see her in person, it has to be like a trainwreck in your face!

  7. It’s a really tough choice, but how about Stanley? The guy who always tells it straight.

  8. sonjey

    Hey, are there any Idol fans or Dancing with the Starsaholics.?…..By the way, my vote is for Melissa once again!!!!

  9. toshalot

    should i feel lame that i don’t watch any of the shows you mentioned? how about One Tree Hill or that game show “Hole in the Wall”? anyone? buhler?

  10. yael

    Well, I have really considered everyone’s input and I almost feel swayed by Pleban and Carrie (shout out to secret readers) to choose Andy “the Nard Dog” Bernard. His Cornell acapella stuff is brilliant. I even miss him on The Daily Show.

    But. As Pleban sort of pointed out- what makes Kelly shockingly hilarious is how hard you can laugh even when she gets an average of 20 seconds of screen time per episode. So I guess I am sticking with it.

    Sorry to the others. I don’t watch DWTS, Jon & Kate, OTH, Hole in the Wall and this year we’re not even watching Idol. My heart has no room left after Kitchen Nightmares USA. And dreaming about the next season of FNL.

  11. Adrian Adonis

    Perhaps it’s just too darn easy, but can I get a shout-out for my man Dwight? I mean c’mon people – the whole “bee hive” strategy to take down the Michael Scott paper company. Brilliant.

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