I didn’t so much think yesterday applied to me until I got some cards in the mail. And then Bryan surprised me with breakfast. And then I thought about it and I realized to mostly give up drinking for nine months, bending over and running across streets during a red light, well… that should count for something.

I sort of feel every Mother’s Day like it’s a day for all women. There are so many women in my life that are like mothers to someone else, that care so much for others, that are crucial to someone else… and a lot of women in their early thirties are first-time mothers, mothers of toddlers or significantly, *thinking* about becoming mothers. I think the love that those people have in their hearts to think about taking on the job, to get ready for that life change… that should count for something too.

London was gorgeous this weekend. It’s highly possible I will only ever say these words each year in May. People flock to the parks for sitting on blankets and drinking and rent deck chairs for a quid and a half. I said quid. Oooooh. And here are some 36 week visuals. No comments about twins puh-lease.






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10 responses to “mum

  1. hoythappenings

    Yael, you’re stunning…

  2. kate

    i agree- stunning.

  3. Rebecca

    Your belly is beautiful and so are you 🙂

  4. Erin

    I think that belly is fantastic!

  5. erica

    i agree! you look gorgeous mamma!

  6. Virginia

    You are all belly and beautiful! And Definitely, happy mother’s day!

  7. toshalot

    wooohoooo! let’s go, 90th percentile!

  8. yael

    Ooh, you’re all so nice. Humongous inside-baby thanks you.

  9. mira

    I love it! you looks so so pretty.

  10. treeennner

    happy mummys day! you look so gorgeous!!!

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