when did we stop doing body shots?

Confession: I never did body shots. But I wish I had. And I certainly have done things that are like body shots. And by “like” I mean similarly crass and awesome.

So I’m 33 now and if I needed a reminder, it is this photo:


Let’s talk about this photo. From a technical angle, it is well-executed for a digital point-and-shoot. Centered. Good lighting. Good color. The subjects appear happy and are all looking at the camera. The contrasts of the shirts and strollers and babies are engaging.

From a more personal angle now. In the center is Kate. I met Kate in college and she is one of my closest friends. Kate is flanked on either side by two of her best friends from growing up in Richmond. I have always referred to her crew as the Richmond Girls. So I will now.

I don’t know exactly when I met the Richmond Girls. But I know one of our first significant hanging out experiences was when I drove down there for a backyard party. It was maybe the end of the summer in 1999. I know that because I had just started dating Bryan and I kept drunk-dialing him that night. Remember when you used to drunk-dial your husband? Anyway, that party was a 10. I helped carve the ice luge that had been delivered on a wood frame earlier in the day, and I am pretty sure we settled on the naked silhouette of the female form which I lovingly chiseled and hacked with a butter knife. As soon as the freezing cold vodka rounded past the bellybutton and beyond, oh you KNOW what time it was! There were also the usual Richmond Girls signatures like dancing on furniture and all the girls eventually huddled in a bed in booty shorts telling each other how much they loved each other in between puking/passing out/taking 400 racy photos.

So when I look at this recent photo, I can’t help but lose my breath for one very quick second.

Know what I mean?

This scene in Italy of parents + 3 kids gave me a glimmer into the possibility that travel doesn’t end, it changes… I am still deciding what I think of the arrangement these people have going on. 


For now I have to ignore the forest and focus on the trees. Did I say that right? We have to fit massive baby items into a small flat with no closets, storage or space.


I am proud to be an urban dweller and I have been trying to remind myself of that a lot lately. Sadly the English do not do stoop sales.



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9 responses to “when did we stop doing body shots?

  1. iwrite8

    a picture really gives you thousands of words to juggle..

  2. Joe

    we’re so having a stoop sale this saturday and we need you to come and engineer it. can you make it?

  3. yael

    Oh man I would so whip up some sangria and cookies and push items on passersby. Enjoy it.

  4. Jeremy

    Sorry Joe — your stoop sale could never match the Jeremy/Yael Stoop Sale of April 2006 where we posted signs around the neighborhood which read: “Help me get rid of my ex-girlfriend’s sh*t — Stoop sale at….” Added bonus — after just 4 cups of sangria, Yael was divulging intimate details of my private life to passersby (potential customers)….

  5. Bonnie, a Richmond Girl

    Yael, OMGosh those parties were quite epic, weren’t they? I just snapfished you some scanned pics of that night… I couldn’t help but go find some after reading today’s entry. TEN YEARS AGO, WHAT??! That blows my mind… Love you girl.

  6. yael

    Bonnie, you’re my second favorite Richmond Girl. I am going to consider posting those party pics on my blog… except who let me wear my hair that way?? The post-college years were not my beauty peak apparently.

  7. kate

    we still have that crazy side in us! now we just have to plan when to let it out – get a babysitter, prepare bottles, pump n’ dump, etc. oh, but, it’s still there!

  8. Virginia

    What a good picture! I may not be a Richmond Girl, but I agree…the crazy side is still there…it just takes a LOT of planning…and team effort–particularly since you’re probably starting from a sleep deficit to begin with. So, if both parents go out, then you take turns sleeping it off the next day… I’m going to the Preakness next weekend–will be the first time since I’ve had kids! Meanwhile, dad will have both kids…with help from the grandparents….my turn will come though! But there is still life after kids!

  9. toshalot

    i laughed out loud. again. too funny.

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