cotswolds with more baby, less beer, equal fries

Monday was a Bank Holiday so lucky for me I didn’t have to blog.

We spent the 3-day weekend doing more things to get ready for our spawn, but also spent two nights in the Cotswolds as part of a group of people surprising our friend Matt for his birthday. His fiancée Trish organized it, replete with adorable share house in Moreton-in-Marsh. We had 8 Americans and 2 Brits which was helpful for when we had important questions like about the superiority of Heinz baked beans or whether they knew an adequate number of Billy Joel songs. And of course questions about language since we do speak a different language after all.

The Cotswolds are lovely and ridiculously beautiful as ever. This time of year the rapeseed paints whole fields bright yellow, similar to what we saw in Italy. Anyway, easily one of the best parts of all of England. I wrote about it when Bryan and I were there this past September and it’s interesting for me to reflect back now on what a nice weekend that was, and how I was pregnant then by just days if not minutes- and we didn’t know it. This time I was all belly all the time but our comrades were nice and fed me lots of chips/fries and didn’t get too drunk in front of me. It was more of a playing-Catchphrase-in-front-of-a-roaring-fire type weekend. It was happy all around and nice for one last little getaway.

img_6729 img_6733 img_6737 img_6744 img_6765 img_6772img_6767 img_6780 img_6781 img_6787 img_6795 img_6797

And shout out to my mother Renee. A beautiful woman person mother daughter wife friend citizen is celebrating her birthday today and Cinco de Mayo should thank its lucky stars to be in such company.



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3 responses to “cotswolds with more baby, less beer, equal fries

  1. mira

    Ney Ney is the bomb. So is that belly of yours.

  2. toshalot

    wow, yes, look at that belly! and that group shot of five of you standing on a street makes me think how when i’m that one tall person in a group i get dizzy from having to look down to talk to everyone.

  3. yael

    Pictures like this though just remind me of how shrimpy we are.

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