american accents in bawlmer

Although we learned some time ago of the British Invasion on The Wire, I still cannot accept it when I am watching an episode. Oh yeah, I’m still watching. Season 5. We’re dragging it out I think so the magic never ends.

But it’s weird, right? That Tommy Carcetti is actually Irish.


That Jimmy McNulty is English.


That Stringer Bell, oh my god not him, is from Hackney, East London.


I am so terrified that one day I will hear one of the actors as himself in an interview, in his native tongue, and the show might never be the same.

Maybe people are going through that now that Idris “Stringer Bell” Elba just finished a short stint as straight man on The Office. But his Charles Miner can’t hold a candle to Stringer Bell. And I read that Stringer Bell (yep, I’m calling him that from now on) used to underground DJ in NY and has DJed at Madame X. HELLO? WHAT? I tots had a New Year’s party there in 2003. WHERE WAS HE?

freamonSorry. This little tirade of mine is because I was surprised again yesterday to hear of an American actor from The Wire who has made North London his home for 12 years. None other than dollhouse furniture-making Lester Freamon. It’s just too bizarre. What do I do if I run into him at a pub? Tell him I think he’s good police?



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8 responses to “american accents in bawlmer

  1. kate

    i love the wire! stretch it out as long as you can! season 4 was my fave. crazy the show never got any awards.

  2. Joe

    so don’t watch any of the extras on the last DVD of any season b/c inevitably they will have interviews with the actors and, well, there you go. mcnulty and his english accent, and bell, too. ugh. it almost ruined it for me.

    okay, it didn’t ruin it. i still really miss that show and sometimes daydream about being good police.

  3. Pleban

    Madame X NYE 2003 was off the chain!

  4. jenny

    I almost shed a tear when I watched my very last episode of the Wire… I wondered what we’d do after a long day of work and nothing decent on TV. We picked up FNL but have just finished season 2 and the third isn’t on DVD yet. I just read that FNL is going for 2 more seasons but with Smash, Tyra, and Street only as guest stars. Guess they can’t stay in high school forever! Wouldn’t that have been funny if Stringer Bell had DJ’ed that NYE party??? LOL. I saw a preview of another show with Avon B. Isn’t it funny how they pronounce police “PO-lice”?

  5. yael

    jenny, FNL Season 3 is on iTunes!!! Go for it.

    Do people in your office say PO-lice?

  6. jenny

    It must be a Baltimore thing… No PO-lice in Miami. I’ll check Itunes out. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  7. Yael – I tagged you on my blog today should you care to participate.

  8. Hi, Yael. I am promoting a book I think might be of interest to you and the readers of your blog. It’s called Britannia in Brief and was written by Leslie Banker (an American) and her Brit husband William Mullins. It’s a funny and informative guide to all things British, perfect for anglophiles or anyone trying to understand all the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between Yanks & Brits. If you provide an e-mail address, I’d be happy to send you more info. If you provide a snail mail address I could send you a review copy. Leslie & William are also available for interviews and guest blogging if you’re interested in that sort of thing. I look forward to hearing back from you.–Meg Walker

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