Oh the possibilities with this subject line… I am tempted, I am. But on to something G-rated…

The Virgin company continues to astound me. Remember back in those days when I was just a normal American that had never really lived abroad and when someone said “Virgin” in reference to Richard Branson, it probably only conjured up a vague knowledge of some media company and possibly an airline?

And then I moved here.

In the first few weeks, upon looking for a gym, I was informed that the main flashy gym I could join in my neighborhood was the Virgin one off the High Street. Yep, same Virgin. Wow, I thought, they do gyms too! So it’s media, airline and gyms. Seems reasonable.

Then I recollect somewhere along the way I realized that it had its hands in mobile phones and tv and internet. Which I guess is consistent with being a media company. So we’re still okay, okay.

After Sunday’s outrageously amazing weather and celebrity-filled London Marathon, applications for the 2010 race shut the online application system down the following day. And lo and behold, after years as the Flora London Marathon (Flora happening to be my favorite fake butter here. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle) next year it will be the Virgin London Marathon. Woaaa, big corporate sponsorship, seizing the marathon’s moment in the sun! Aggressive. I like. Okay Richard Branson you wily multi-gazillionaire you, what else you got for me? WHAT ELSE??

I shouldn’t have asked.

In the past few weeks Bryan and I have been quietly trying to find our way around the complicated and sobering issue of collecting stem cells from our baby’s cord blood immediately after delivery. It’s an issue with much discussion, few answers and one which traffics in speculation and parental fears/hope. It’s also really expensive. We tried to do our due diligence and after a brief google search, had only one good lead on a company that would transfer the frozen collection internationally if need be. We assumed we would go with that company. If. Then we casually raised the query with my consultant (query is a favored word here and I think consultant is what I am supposed to call my doctor. I actually have no idea, I am no linguist) and she said no, no, no there are two major stem cell collection companies that my hospital recommends and that we should investigate.

Can you guess?

Oh yeah. Virgin… VIRGIN!!! Virgin dabbles in freezing your baby’s cord blood stem cells. The same company that gives me those nice red eye masks on transatlantic flights. The same company that will organize a balloon ride for you. It can also one day grow organs in petri dishes. Branson, you absolute tiger.


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  1. There used to be a wedding dress shop in London called “Virgin Bride” (maybe it’s still there). Great title, but what was Richard Branson doing meddling in wedding dresses?

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