marquee flus

I came in to work this morning and there was a firm-wide email from a very high up person with the subject line: “Swine Flu” outbreak.

You know how sometimes you just don’t even need to read an email? Just the subject line can entertain you for hours. Not that Swine Flu entertains me. It’s just a nice change from banking regulation. I mean, not that Swine Flu is “nice”. It’s just that swine is a funny word… not that Swine Flu is funny. Okay, I will just shut up.

(The thing about Jason Jones is that he is yet another example, along with the guy that plays Tim Riggins on FNL, of proof that Canadian men absolutely rule.)



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7 responses to “marquee flus

  1. erica

    i love jason jones! he’s hilarious.
    people here are calling it pig flu or mexican flu. not good names at all (especially the latter!). i agree with you though, there’s something funny about saying swine.

  2. And why was “swine flu” in quotes? It’s as if your employer was saying “everyone is calling it swine flu, so we’ll do the same, but really we wanted to use the long impressive Latin name”.

  3. snosh

    i have a cold right now and everyone thinks i have swine flu. i haven’t been to mexico in almost a year but paranoid americans convinced me to stay home from work today. i guess i’m not really complaining … and i’ll still eat bacon since one cannot even catch swine flu from eating pork. blah blah blah.

  4. Ney Ney

    Aunt Gert thinks swine flu was created by Stanley as a way to get Sid’s money.

  5. The hysteria is reaching doctor’s offices. Jenny had some congestion problems over the weekend, went to see her primary care doc on Monday.

    But the staff freaked out, sent her to the ER for swine flu (I’m so not joking). I got to the ER, she’s happily chatting with the Chief of the ER – they brought him in cause of the staff’s hysteria. Good times. Suffice it to say, she does NOT have H1N1 flu, just some respiratory infection.

  6. yael

    Feel better Jenny! I mean, you would be more famous if it was H1N1 but whatever…

  7. mdouris25

    We just got back from Argentina – where it was called the “Gripe Porcina” – It sounded like some sort of tapas I should order. The airports were utter disasters to navigate because everyone was so freaked out – and every employee and half of the travelers were wearing masks and gloves. I figured I had enough alcohol in me to kill off any “swine” or “porcina” germs though.

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