biscuits for cheese

When in a foreign country, I always like to check out a grocery store. Away from the tourist crap, it’s fun to see the little cultural nuances. And they all have Doritos so that works out too.

I take it for granted now the little things that used to entertain me at my neighborhood Waitrose. Take a little spin around the store with me…

lots of Union Jacks so don’t you dare forget where this food comes from, OKAY?

img_66821 img_6686

nobody was marginalized in the growing and sale of these pineapples


your sandwich will either involve mayo, or prawns. on a very lucky day, it will involve both


why go out for fish & chips when you can make at home


if you don’t know what a scotch egg is- look it up immediately. then barf


i love english groceries because there are aisles of frozen indian food or ingredients to make your own. yummers

img_6690 img_6711

they’re so cute these cute little brits

img_6691 img_6713

biscuits for cheese = crackers


cookies are so cheap here! cause they should be eaten every day at teatime

img_6693 img_6694 img_6695

it’s totally wrong, trust me


no monterey jack cheese or ranch dressing, but plenty of frozen yorkshire puddings and porridge

img_6700 img_6702

and baked beans…as far as the eye can see. best eaten on toast or a baked potato (allegedly)

img_6705 img_6706

i have no idea


(It was awkward taking photos during the after-work busy time at the store. I am just glad I did not get arrested. Although, then I could have blogged about English jail.)



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3 responses to “biscuits for cheese

  1. I’d forgotten about Nice biscuits. Of course they’re not very. They’re just very plain and boring.

  2. Biscuits ARE a lot cheaper over there than cookies are here in the US. I remember custard creams always being a favorite when I was at uni. – they must have been particularly cheap. that and digestive biscuits – preferably sandwiched together with butter and jam! I liked bourbons too – chocolate flavoured, not alcoholic!

    I love scotch eggs – they taught us how to make them in cookery class when I was 12 or 13. Don’t think I’ve made them since though – much easier to buy them, always assuming your cardiologist approves of you eating hard-boiled egg wrapped in ground pork and deep fried!

    I miss real bacon – the stuff over here seems just as wrong to me as British bacon apparently is to you! And I’d love it if our supermarket had a decent range of curry sauces. (They carry a couple of Patak’s products but they are outrageously expensive!)

  3. snosh

    i LOVE scotch eggs too! i mean, i am not sure they are the same but its a popular west african hors d’oeuvre. i haven’t had them in a long time but damn, they are goooooooood!

    uhm, i like how your blog has spell check but it thinks i want to say horseshoe instead of hors d’oeuvre so i STILL don’t know if i’m spelling it right …

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