weekends countdown

We’re working hard to do all those things we can’t do in about six weeks.

Friday night was a birthday present from Bryan- Spring Awakening in the West End. We also saw this show on Broadway and the fact that we wanted to go again hopefully says something. It’s an old German play set to the modern music of Duncan Sheik. It is totally dope. And it’s about puberty. Who doesn’t love puberty?

Saturday our very awesome friends Matt & Trish threw us a baby shower brunch at their fantastic flat in Notting Hill. They even have a big garden, which I think is what English people call backyard. It was a really nice day, with a lovely little international group of people. They practically had to kick me and Bryan out after 10 hours. It may have been all his chest hair.


I took food pictures natch so behold my fruit salad. I will make you one too. And Trish made these lavender cupcakes where she actually did something to real flowers to make them edible. She is like the Persian Martha Stewart. Best of all, they also served KFC. And you know what? We told everyone it was homemade. Awesome.

img_63031 img_6344 img_6306 img_62971 img_6295 img_6315 img_63601 img_6343 img_6426

Sunday was the London Marathon. Mark my words: I am running it next year. Who is in? Our friend Ricky ran it so we went to cheer him on for 5 seconds. And guess who I caught five minutes before Ricky ran by? Oh yeah- that’s GORDON RAMSAY in the blue (his back)!! We are kind of addicted to Kitchen Nightmares USA. Other celebs included Katie & Peter who obviously you love as much as me since currently they’re “stateside”. They came in over 7 hours so needless to say, I missed them.

img_6664 img_6669 

This sweet young child was also convinced Bryan was his daddy. He must have heard about Bryan’s prowess with college savings plans.

img_6667 img_6668



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5 responses to “weekends countdown

  1. Rebecca

    Hope you are enjoying the final countdown! I would like some of that fruit salad please. And KFC.

  2. poren

    believe it or not, am actually signing up for the lottery for the London marathon today. My friend texted me last night at 10:25 p.m. to say she was basically the first one on the website and I must sign up immediately. wait, were you kidding???

    also, snosh’s comment made me feel bad for expecting so much from my favorite blogger ever. I didn’t realize you wear heels to work ever day! Lady, that is an feat in and of itself and the fact that you do everything else on top of that should remind the rest of us (that would be me) how mediocre we truly are 😉 You rock!

  3. snosh

    too adorable that the little toddler thought bry was his dad!

  4. Virginia

    London’s on my list…but probably not next year! But you can do it…zygie will be like 10 months by then….it gives you a goal!!!!

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