vitamin d

So yesterday (you miserable ingrates). I was just too tired to blog after our antenatal class the night before. And perhaps too scarred after watching Bryan having to simulate natural squatting birth positions with panting breathing techniques while the English/French-African/Canadian/Swiss/English men around him did it too. And don’t get me started on perineal massage.

Had I been more topically apropos, I would have blogged something perfect for Earth Day. So I will today. I will write about global climate change… or as I like to call it: w e a t h e r.

The weather in London has been SICK. Sick is slang for AWESOME. The thing about London (and I’ve said it before) is that when it is sunny and warm it just astounds and beguiles you. And you fall in love all over again. And you forget all the bad times in overcast days and cold, dreary rain. You forget the time it cheated on you with your best friend, hit you a little too hard on the arm when its eyes said “this should be your face” and stole your ATM card. That’s what I am saying. I mean, yeah, I might have even made an analogy with domestic violence. Which is rather inappropriate of me. But the thing is, that’s sort of what London does. And I guess we are all a little co-dependent now. Because

it’s a beautiful wonderful warm sunny city where people drink outside and sit in parks and read 15 different newspapers and say things like “bloke” and probably came from somewhere else, just like you, and want to ingest, no devour, the fleeting days of perfection. And so we all do together.

Like on this sliver of green right by my office. Where I like to eat a salad from Pret and listen to Kanye on my nano (whitey alert).


I love seeing professionals basking in the sun. There is hope. Even if you know you have to work every Monday through Friday from morning until evening of the next thirty years of your life, you can get a sunburn at lunchtime. That’s all I’m saying.



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14 responses to “vitamin d

  1. Somehow, though, each year that I’ve lived here the most gorgeous sunshine of the year has taken place in April and August is cold and miserable. So I end up cursing the horrid weather in the summer after praising the lovely weather in the spring.

  2. I always think it’s funny to watch as the summer wears on and the grass gets more and more scrubby, till it’s really little more than dirt, but the professionals carry on sitting on it in their spiffy dry-clean-only suits.

  3. yael

    Wow, two expat bloggers just rained on my parade. Boo.

  4. sonjey

    I’m convinced there’s something in that vitamin that really can change behaviors! Bring on the 80’s this weekend in NYC!

  5. mdouris25

    I have no “green” near my office – but I have an office window (that’s more like a french door) that opens and a little “terrace” (okay really a little ledge with some sort of railing) outside it. I’ve been known to open the window and sit on the window ledge to get some sunshine. Fear of heights (and other office buildings thinking there’s some suicide jumper on the 15th floor) be damned – this office minion needs some sun!

  6. mira

    hmmmm I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about this post. meanwhile, I still say hello to your sort of native Brooklyn this weekend 🙂

  7. poren

    I think the former head of the Law Students Against Domestic Violence committee (or whatever it was called prior to LAAW) has totally redeemed herself for yesterdays’ non-post with that analogy;) Bring on the sun on both sides of the pond!

  8. erica

    yay for sick weather! we’re in the 80’s this weekend – can’t wait. btw yael, work has unblocked your website so i’m back to cyber-stalking your blog

  9. Jeremy

    You’ll find me in central park tomorrow between the hours of 9 and 5. That’s right — my auxiliary office is located on the green patch near the rock just east of CPW and 64th Street. I mean, I have a quick meeting on the park bench by 66th Street at noon, but aside from that, you can find me on green patch.

    Welcome, sun.

  10. listgirl

    For those of us who haven’t started families yet and may want to at some point, please do not use the term perineal massage again!

  11. It would be nice to have a lunch hour long enough to get outside – but of course, I’m here in the US, and you’re over there in the UK. Do you get UK vacations or American ones? My DH has fits every time my brother in London mentions that he has another week off work.

    It’s supposed to reach the 90’s here in the northeastern US by Monday 🙂 Of course, that would bring Britain to a grinding halt!

  12. yael

    East Coasters, get lovely tans this weekend!! I’m jealous. And I won’t tell the dermatologist.

  13. snosh

    it was hecka warm in california last weekend too. i mean, 80s in san francisco! people were going crazy. i loved it bc i do miss hot weather so, but the issue is we don’t typically have AC in our homes in norcal. so although the days were beautiful, the nights were unbearable. the good weather also forced me to go through my summer office wardrobe only to find that most of it no longer fits 😦

  14. The temperature did indeed hit 90 degrees F here today as the weather forecasters promised!

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