pretending my blog is my twitter account

omg cannot B-lieve Huggy Ragnarsson’s lips – google images her to see collagen at its best

went for Mexican last nite w/4 Amerikansky girls. sad and hungry that england doesn’t do “doggy bags”. appropriate portion size = overrated

what is wrong w/walking into bathroom stall at work with big piece of dark chocolate in my mouth? don’t give me that look is all i’m saying. i’ll cut you

sunchips r called sunbites here.

if you follow ashton’s tweets, i hope you get canker sores

antenatal class tonite. best part is the cookies she brings.

worst crime is snitching. -the wire


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One response to “pretending my blog is my twitter account

  1. snosh

    i’m too old to get into twitter BUT i like to promote it as it is a san francisco company. tweet tweet!

    were i on twitter i’d have written this morning-
    I hate people who are Sunday drivers on Saturdays. Get it together, people!

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