more white people

You know what made our weekend? The Pregnant Mafia Wife had her baby!! ON HER DUE DATE. Who even does that?! I can’t wait to see what New Mommy Mafia Wife is like. In the meantime, who knew she was so sporty? You’ll have to wait ’til she’s famous for the whole show… but here’s my favorite for now.


Otherwise our weekend was pretty effing exciting. I washed and folded 6,394 baby clothes and Bryan took a load off after having to (a) rent a Zipcar (b) drive it on the wrong side of the road and (c) go to Ikea. These are three of his least favorite things. Although he is lying about (c). They have a Swedish meatball value meal that honestly is worth a trip.


Tosha wants to remind us white people we have some really deep problems.

Oh you know you want to see it… click here.



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5 responses to “more white people

  1. Is that Bryan with his hand down his pants? I thought this was a family-friendly blog.

  2. Adrian Adonis

    Sometimes ya gotta do whacha gotta do…ya know whadda I mean? Ay-ooooh!

  3. Yael, don’t lie. You know you own one of those blue preggo jumpsuits….

  4. Glad to hear things are going so well and Italy sounds fabulous! I’m so jealous!!!!! Seething with green here!!! Especially since “the boys” love pasta. My joke is that I’m going to name them Pasta and Bagel when they are born.

    Too funny about sending Bryan to Ikea. Two weeks ago my SIL, DH and DD went to BRU to register. DH was acting all “ho-hum”. I found out later he wasn’t feeling well. I told SIL that I didn’t realize, as I assumed he was acting the way he was because registering for baby stuff was “the most exciting thing he ever wanted to do”. Of course I was being sarcastic. He smiled at me when I said this like “Thanks for knowing me so well after almost 15 years of marriage.”

  5. snosh

    wow. that’s a lot of … stuff in your living area. good thing you are both so little.

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