the important post about italy


img_6347 img_6143 img_6542 img_6564 img_6566 img_6639

Heaven with a cherry on top


img_6360 img_6569 img_6203 img_6567



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10 responses to “the important post about italy

  1. rebecca

    Now I need pasta for breakfast. Followed by gelato for lunch. Thanks!!

  2. yael

    My plan worked! I challenge any of you not to eat pasta today.

  3. rebecca

    I think I shall also have pasta for dinner. Maybe mac and cheese 🙂

  4. MajaBee

    This brings back many memories from when I was on the competitive gelato eating team in high school. Livorno 4ever!

  5. yael

    We need that sport in American schools.

  6. I see you’re a fan of bucattini. It’s a great noodle that I can’t seem to find anywhere here in S. Fla (it’s not too popular in Cuban cooking).

  7. Argh – foiled again. I should have known, since bucatini is more common in Rome and you were in Tuscany.
    Wow, I’m such a food nerd that I actually just spent like 15 minutes on Wiki looking at regions of Italy and their respective pastas.

  8. Jeremy

    looks like spaghetti to me…….

  9. snosha

    hmm. i’m hungry.

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